Shaping tomorrow´s world

The look of the modern world took shape in the early 1900s. The use of metal revolutionized building. Like bringing us the skyscraper. We were part of that revolution from the start.

Today we offer smart, easy-to-use machines for sheet metal processing that save materials, time, and the environment.

This is how we help builders and industries around the world to shape tomorrow’s world. Like we have been doing since 1907.

Create success with us

CIDAN Machinery Group offer a wide range of solutions and products for companies operating in the sheet metal, construction and manufacturing industries. Direct or through dealers and agents, we are available in all countries around the globe.

All Göteneds- and CIDAN-machines are made in the CIDAN Machinery factory in Götene, Sweden.  Machines for professional processing of coils are made in Austria by CIDAN Machinery Austria GmbH, formerly known as Forstner GmbH, with over 60 years of experience in the field. We also have a factory in Switzerland that has manufactured the Thalmann long-folder machine for over 70 years. It has a superior quality and precision that is appreciated by customers all over the world. Our goal is to provide flexible machines with great ease of use of the highest quality, where our innovative solutions and patents gives customers unique benefits.

When you invest in a machine or solution from CIDAN Machinery Group, you can rest assured that we are equally committed to a successful business as you are. Your success is intertwined with ours and therefore we always strive for a long and good partnership which is based on the best quality, availability and service. Welcome to a long and fruitful collaboration!


Our 115-year history is a result of our high quality awareness which is to operate in a continuous improvement process. This process is all the time based from market needs and desires for innovation, automation and quality as the guiding principles. Our quality work covers both our employees and suppliers as production methods, products and partners.


In our work we aim to develop and produce machines with minimal environmental impact. We were the first in the industry to take the step from oils and hydraulics to electricity and pneumatic, which means that the machines do not give rise to any harmful residue or by-products, they are quiet, energy efficient and only consumes energy when they are in operation.

CIDAN Machinery – we are where we are needed!