We want to be able to deliver what others cannot, or do not want to


The company Lamera in Gothenburg, Sweden originated in an invention from the late 1990s, Partial Hybrix ™, a special form of sandwich technology. Since then, the company has been in a constant development phase. In 2017, Lamera started its product workshop. The sandwich technology makes it possible to laminate parts of surfaces, instead of entire surfaces, and to laminate different types of materials with each other. The benefits are many, such as lighter constructions, partial anti -rust protection, mechanical advantages.
Lamera today delivers solutions in Partial Hybrix ™ to the construction industry, sports facilities and to the automotive industry.

Bengt Nilsson, CEO of Lamera: “Right now our most important market is facade cassettes. Previously, we only delivered the material, and then other actors shaped the cassettes. It did not always go so well – not easy to shape cassettes in laminated material. ” Bengt continues: “We decided to take control of the entire production and only let other players install the cassettes.”

The solution was thus to expand the workshop with a complete set of production machines. An up/down-bending folding machine, FORMA Z 32, from CIDAN Machinery Group was chosen. Bengt: “We are a little geeky here – it must be the right equipment to have a chance to deliver the best! Then we have equipped the machine with special tools adapted for the Partial Hybrix ™. “

The result was beyond expectation – already the first cassette came out right and hangs on the wall in the workshop! Bengt continues: “We want to be able to deliver what others cannot, or do not want to. The project we are now working on includes a total of 4800 cassettes in 53 different variants, so rapid setting-up, correct bending first go, and quick bending are all crucial to us. We feel completely safe with the CIDAN FORMA Z! Our goal is to be prescribed in construction projects and now we feel well equipped for this. “