Bending and slitting engine with Punching

As a further development, we integrated another machine in The BASE. Customers now benefit from an even more flexible, fully automated production line. In a revolutionary way, one operator can handle multiple machines from batch size one up to series production. It has never before been so easy to create and produce orders in combination with such advanced machines.

The + stands for punching. The BASE+ has an integrated PrimaPower Punch Genius with a considerable upgrade on the production line. You can now produce an almost unlimited variation on different punched profiles. The punching data is produced automatically by the nuIT software, so there is no need for programming the punching machine separately by the operator.

The BASE can be delivered in 6 or 8 meters length for up to 1.0 mm steel. Moreover, operating the production line only takes one person.


The BASE overview


  • 1

    nuit Master integration system

  • 2

    Forstner coil processing

  • 3

    CIDAN handling system

  • 4

    Thalmann TD Double Folder

  • 5

    Prima power punch genius

Features of The BASE+ Punching

  • Green check

    Production command center

  • Green check

    Conveyor belt

    with absorption unit for smooth profile takeove

  • Green check

    Pick up desk

    for finished profiles

  • Green check

    Fully integrated label printer

  • Green check

    Flexible handling crane

    for moving & flipping sheets

  • Green check

    Super-fast, precise & dynamic double folder

  • Green check

    New generation turret punch

The BASE+ Punching gallery

  • TheBASE+Punching slide 1
  • TheBASE+Punching slide 3
  • TheBASE+Punching slide 4
  • TheBASE+Punching slide 2
  • the BASE-punching variety
  • The BASE - punching variety 2
  • The BASE - punching variety 3
  • The BASE - punching variety 4
  • The BASE - punching variety 5
  • The BASE - punching variety 6
  • The BASE - punching variety 7
  • The BASE - punching variety 8
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