Tripled output with the CIDAN PRO Z money making folder.


Kinninger Production Welding in New Bremen, in Ohio USA, is a classical job shop for recreational vehicles, food equipment, agricultural machinery, capital equipment, fork lift trucks and medical equipment. When a potential customer came with a big job it was necessary to boost the job shop’s capacity. As time wore on, company leaders discovered that automating its bending processes would promote higher productivity.

Problems with scuffs and scratches had to be solved.
Previously, bending parts meant flipping material up and down to achieve each bend, often resulting in surface scuffs and scratches.
– When working with thinner material, flipping each piece to get up and down bends resulted in bowed material. Additionally, we also had problems with die marks from press braking – any type of marking won’t work for our customers, says Plant Supervisor Kevin Schwieterman.

Speed, strength and versatility.
The solution was found at a trade show in USA, in CIDAN Machinery’s booth.

– Any scratching or damage to the surface of the metal is unacceptable, says President Kevin Thobe.  CIDAN’s up/down folder PRO Z had tooling taller than anyone else’s and that’s what we needed.

Some other features that stood out include the COMBI Beam; an automatic beam rotation with two tool sets for little or no tool changeovers. The optimal eccentric drive OED generates extremely high clamp pressure as well as a clean, operator friendly clamping system for the life of the machine, designed with operators in mind.

– We took a look at both the mechanics of the machine as well as the human/operator interaction to ensure an ideal working environment, says Chandler Barden, national sales manager at CIDAN Machinery Americas in Georgia.

Exceeded expectations with a bonus effect.
When the CIDAN PRO Z 30 was installed at Kinninger in March 2016, the results exceeded the expectations. No bowed material, no scuffs, no scratched material and no die marks. A bonus is the easier loading and handling of parts.

– The machine holds and moves the part and knows where to bend it. We throw it onto the table, input the desired bend radii and other dimensions – and we’re done! Thobe explains.

– Since we added this machine we no longer need to run our other machines constantly. We don’t need to work overtime any longer to keep up, says Ryan Heckman (sales), adding that the output has tripled!

Do you also want to triple your output?
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