Do you specialize in metal roofing, siding, trim, and accessories? Do you manufacture your own parts or offer custom sheet metal fabrication services to your clients? From commercial to residential applications, CIDAN Machinery offers innovative, efficient, and flexible machinery and software to help you keep up with the latest trends in the architectural metal and roofing industries.

CIDAN Machinery is a ONE-STOP-PARTNER for cutting-edge architectural metal and roofing equipment. From architectural trim and metal roofing to siding and soffit panels, our machines meet the demands required for complex, precision work. Utilizing innovative technology and unique processing concepts, we help customers meet the challenges of architectural metal fabrication.

Our complete line of metal fabricating solutions include: CNC precision metal folders, long folders, mechanical shears, decoilers, slit & cut to length lines, recoilers and recoiling lines, Ag, trim, and custom profile rollforming machines, portable standing seam rollformers, flat sheet storage machines, and order/planning automation software.

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CIDAN FORMA Folding machine

Clamp harder and form more accurately

CIDAN’s model FORMA is a diverse machine that embodies strength, flexibility, speed and ease of use. The PROLINK touch screen control offers user friendly programing for all applications. With different backguage configurations and the movable foot switch, the FORMA machine allows one operator to run 11-gauge mild steel parts up to 161? in length.

Type: Folder Lengths: 3100 or 4100 mm Capacity: 3 or 2.5 mm

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CIDAN FX Combi folding machine

Unique precision for angles and measurements

The CIDAN FX Combi series metal folding and bending machine is reliable and efficient. Made in a sturdy all-welded steel construction with side frames for stability, this machine covers a wide range of uses suitable for metal roofing, sign manufacturers, and more.

Type: Folder Lenghts: 2600, 3200 or 4100 mm Capacity: 2.5 or 2 mm

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CIDAN FS folding machines

Easy to program and fast to run

CIDAN FS are phenomenal combinations of raw strength and flexibility. With powerful motors that fold with fantastic precision and to exact measurements this machine can do a lot more than just bend. CIDAN FS is a true workhorse with a whole lot of benefits.

Type: Folder Lengths: 2600, 3200 or 4100 mm Capacity: 2.5 or 2 mm

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CIDAN RAPIDO metal shear

Flexible configuration and easy to use

The CIDAN RAPIDO is an electrical guillotine shear that works fully independent of oil or hydraulics and offers manual use of the hand wheel system, drive system with eccentrics and pull-down rod, and standard squaring arm and table extension for multiple sheets.

Type: Shear Lengths: 1350, 2600, 3200 or 4100 mm Capacity: 1.5, 2.5 or 3.5 mm

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Forstner nuSLIT

Let the latest technology work for you!

The Forstner nuSLIT Series makes all your dreams come true, in a modern sheet metal workshop and takes your production to a new level consider flexibility and productivity.

Type: Slit & Cut to Length Coil width: 1250 mm Capacity: 1.0 mm

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Forstner SLIT

Precise and flexible cuts from broadband

Based on many years of experience, the Forstner SLIT slitting and cut-to-length line is optimally suited for all sheet metal companies.

Type: Slit & Cut to Length Coil width: 1250 / 1500 mm Capacity: 1.0 mm

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Master of saving space and time.

CIDAN COILMASTER creates order in your workshop. Get full control of your different coils and material qualities. Use the height and save floor space. At the same time you save time and money with short set up times and minimized risk of damaging material.

Type: Coilmaster Lenghts: 2 to 4 mtrs Capacity: 4 to 8 ton

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