From our non-powered decoiler ranging 1 ton up to 5 ton capacity to our powered decoilers ranging 2 ton up to 10 ton, we are committed to getting your production process started right.

CIDAN has a MANUAL decoiler that will perfectly fit your needs.The CIDAN MANUAL decoiler comes in three different models; the simple and cost effective CRADLE, the DO 2-12 MANUAL decoiler with manually adjusted break system, single frame, and expandable mandrel, the 5 ton MANUAL DECOILER for really large coils. The most advanced decoiler is our ROTOCOIL, a motorized decoiler available with 5 ton or 10 ton capacity.

At CIDAN Machinery, we endeavor to bring our customers high-quality production start-to-finish. Since every sheet metal process line starts with a decoiler to hold and safely pay off or uncoil, controlling the speed, direction, and viability of your working material, we believe that it all starts with that machine.

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