F41 – more bending freedom on 4m!

CIDAN F41 is fast, user-friendly and reliable. The robust design of the side stands guarantees best bending results for many years. As a new feature we now present the new bending geometry XSPACE on 4m length. During the development we even succeeded in integrating a crowning. Precisely bent sheet metal profiles with uniform angles over the entire length is what you expect from a good folding machine. With the crowning function, you can achieve this without any problems. The new XSPACE bending geometry with crowning compensates angular deviations in the center of the sheet (banana effect) and ensures the production of high-precision, parallel sheet profiles. Other advantages of the F41 with XPACE include:

  • The new nuLINK 3D software with intuitive operating concept.
  • Crowning adjustment is standard
  • Modular backgauge system
  • From 5-1000mm backgauge depth in under 2 seconds
  • Manual roller shear can be attached

CIDAN FX PLUS folding machine

FX 32+  – Now 30% faster!

The CIDAN FX COMBI is a flexible, variable and versatile folding machine that offers many advantages. These include:

  • High time saving and flexibility as well as tool change within seconds due to the world acclaimed, rotatable Combi beam.
  • Facilitation of work and expansion of production possibilities due to the motorised, modular backgauge table
  • Efficiency increase and resource savings due to automatic material setting
  • Maximum stability and machine lifetime due to the welded side frame