Invest in a robust and highly efficient CIDAN ROLLFORMER and boost your production. Choose the biggest model with capacity for coil widths of up to 1250?mm and you can easily work through more than 2000 tons of sheet metal per year on single shifts! The CIDAN ROLLFORMER is equipped with 8 to 30 tooling stations, according to your desired profile. The solid shafts are designed to reduce load and for quiet and trouble-free operation year after year. The tooling is designed with Cobra Engineering software and manufactured in hard chrome special steel so you always get a perfect result.

Wide RollformerIf you want to manufacture box profiles or corrugated sheet etc in large batches, choose the WIDE ROLLFORMER with rotary shear at the feeding unit, which reduces waste and a powerful guillotine shear at the run-out unit for perfect cuts. Choose the double unit with two levels and get far greater flexibility to your output without using more floor space.



Trim RollformerFor manufacturing ridge plates, gutters, end fittings or narrow profiles from coils or cut-to-size sheets – invest in TRIM ROLLFORMER! And the control system is so smart you hardly need an operator at all.