With COILMASTER you can easily handle coils with weights up to 1000 kg. You decide how many places you want, 4, 6 or 8 and easily assemble it yourself. With coils in two floors, you get more free floor space. When loading with new material, COILMASTER helps you to adjust the sheet metal in depth and perpendicular to the cut-to-length machine. The guide rollers are movable in height, lifts up the sheet and create distance so that you avoid scratches in the lacquer layer. The system has cover plates (option) so that you can use cradles with different dimensions or use a compartment as storage for eg pallets.
Combine with Forstner’s manual Coil Selector which keeps 6 or 8 different materials on standby. By locking all materials in the coil selector, you always have equal access to all cradles in the COILMASTER. The change from one material to the next is very fast and the risk of damage to the material is minimized. With CIDAN´s COILMASTER and a Coil Selector from Forstner, you get a highly efficient supply for your cut-to-length machine


The most important advantages

  • Creates order in the workshop.
  • Quick and easy access to several different material types.
  • The time for material changes is dramatically reduced.
  • Utilizes the floor space efficiently.
  • Expandable if needs changes.
  • Minimizes damage to the material.


Model Coil places Outer dimensions Weight
  number Length
COILMASTER 4 4 2140 1620 2352 1550
COILMASTER 6 6 3080 1620 2352 2250
COILMASTER 8 8 4020 1620 2352 2930