Feeding Line

Forstner Feeding Line
Up to six decoilers

The line can hold as many as six decoilers each with 7 tonne (14,000?lbs) capacity, making changes between six different materials easy, at a sheet width of up to 1500?mm (59″).
Six decoilers for six different materials cover more than 80 per cent of material requirements for the majority of workshops.

Smooth process

The process is very even and smooth running, the metal is handled gently and undesirable material stresses and marring can be avoided.

Fully automatic changeover

Our multiple coil system will not mark the metal and provides fully automatic changeover from one decoiler to another in less than one minute.

Thanks to Forstner’s highly advanced technology for sheet straightening, interruption marring is avoided. Automatic material changeover has been standard for decades.

Run-out table

Using the run-out table, panels are automatically checked for flatness before integration and transferation to punching-  bending- or other processing machines.

Smart sheet metal technology means you can keep lower stocks, free up tied capital, shorten lead times and increase efficiency. Our decoiler lines are demand-driven and process the right material in the right order, at the speed and the precision you want. Just start up the program and the sheet metal is fed in, straightened, measured and cut to the correct dimensions ready for the next step. A straight-through process, the material is fed directly into the panel bender, punching machine, laser cutter or whatever machine you choose. The coil line is controlled via CSV-files from your work order and the process is completely automated with no operator input whatsoever. Lead times are shortened and you automatically get the right material in the right order so you can utilize waiting machines at maximum capacity.

Get up to speed, lower your waste and get perfect flat panels for further ­processing with Forstner decoiler lines.

The efficient production of blanks requires keeping a wide range of entirely different coils on hand. To allow rapid access to different sheets, we developed a multiple decoiling system featuring automatic sheet change-over in less than 1 minute.

Our objectives in developing this line were:

  • fully automatic sheet change-over in the shortest possible time
  • programmable upper straightening shafts adjustment
  • programmable setting of slitting knives
  • the simplest possible operating
  • retrofitting
  • lower acquisition costs
  • one-worker operation
  • space savings

The Forstner fully-automatic decoiling, straightening, slitting and cut to length line offers features that an industrial production manager has only dreamed about. This line fulfils the demanding requirements of any sheet metal working industry.

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Feeding Line
Features Values
Max. no of decoilers 6 pcs
Max. weight per coil 7 ton
Max. sheet thickness (steel)* 1.0 mm
Max. sheet thickness (stainless steel)** 0.85 mm

*Max. sheet thickness (steel) with pre bending device is 1.5 mm
**Max. sheet thickness (stainless steel) with pre bending devise is 1.25 mm

  • Covers the major part of your material requirements.
  • Fully automated material changes in less than one minute.
  • Easy control with CSV files.
  • Single operator.
  • Easily integrated with other production machinery.
  • High speed, sharp, quality and precision.
  • Reduces waste with the help of step cut.

Pre-bending device for easy infeed.

Coil wagon for safe loading.

Outfeed conveyor for definite handover.

Integrated flatness measurement unit for 100% process safety.