Forstner COMPACT Slit-cut-to-Length

Forstner COMPACT slit & cut to length klippsträcka
5 Slitting Knives & cap-lock design

5 Slitting Knives & cap-lock design

On the Forstner COMPACT slit and CTL, 5 Sets of slitting knives come standard. The shafts are made of polished tool steel and the slitting blades hardened with a Rc45 hardness. The tolerance between the shaft and blades is less that .0005” (.01mm), creating a smooth and easy-to-move positioning of the slitting blades anywhere on the shaft.

The cap-lock design consists of a half moon mild steel that presses onto the shaft by an allen head screw. Because the cap-lock is softer than the shaft, there’s no need to worry about “scoring” the shaft like other designs tend to over time.

The knives have a two side cutting surface, so you can alternate sides and take tension out of narrow slits. The machines come standard with a red with sliver letting on the scale for ease of reading the position of the top blade.


Forstner KA6 slit and cut to length machine slitting knives - CIDAN Machinery Americas

Sensitive Material Mode

Sensitive Material Mode

Not only is the coil-selector automatically controlled, but also the adjustment of the upper straightening rollers.

Whenever a new coil is selected, the upper straightening rollers adjust into a new position to ensure the straightening quality.

A special sensitive material operating mode prevents start-stop-lines by the upper straightening rollers and increases the quality of the coil-line enormously. Even a single sheet can be produced without coil-set or marking of the material by the automatically adjusted upper rollers.

Forstner Coil Processing Control Unit - CIDAN Machinery

forstner coil processing straightening rollers - CIDAN Machinery Americas

6 Straightening Rollers

6 Straightening Rollers

With the 6-roller straightener you can create mark-free, flat sheets. The upper straightening rollers are automatically positioned in front of the sheet and open before standstill to avoid stopping marks.

The straightener has a motor and one pair of infeed rollers, 6 straightening shafts . 110 mm and one pair of out-feed rollers . 70 mm. The upper straightening shafts are also programmable.

Forstner Coil Processing Straightener With 6 Rollers

The Forstner COMPACT slit-cut-to-length series are massive all-in-one systems. Forstner’s attention to detail and industry leading innovations have made them a worldwide slit and cut-to-length leader. This attention to detail is on display in the COMPACT. The six roller-bearing infeed guide rollers, angled to match the loop of the coil from a decoiler, help prevent creasing on soft material like copper, aluminum, and zinc as they to guide materials in the pinch rolls. The pinch rolls then pull the material evenly from a decoiler without slipping or twisting; even plastic film can be applied smoothly and evenly with the fully rubberized rolls. The COMPACT slit-cut-to-length offers so many options and configurations that, regardless of your individual needs, your perfect slitting and cut-to-length system is just a click away.

  • Infeed Roller Guide
  • Infeed Guide with four roller bearings
  • Fully rubberized Pinch Infeed Rollers
  • Electronic Eye
  • Infeed Guide Adjustment
  • Encoder
  • Straightening Rollers
  • Slitting Blade Cover
  • 5 sets of slitting knives
  • Raise/Lower Slitting Shaft
  • Guillotine Shear
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Machine Type Working width Coil thickness mild steel Straightening rolls Ø Slitting shaft Ø Slitting knives
mm mm mm mm pairs
COMPACT CUT 1250 Straight, Slit & Cut 1250 mm 1,0 mm 70 mm 100 mm 5
COMPACT PRO 1250 Straight, Slit & Cut 1250 mm 1,0 mm 70 mm 100 mm 5
COMPACT ACCESS PRO 1250 Straight, Slit & Cut 1250 mm 1,0 mm 70 mm 100 mm 5


  • DEFLECTION ROLLERS: to support the infeed of a new coil
  • TABLE: manually adjustable coil guidance with roller bearings
  • COMPACT LINE: manually adjustable straightener with 6 shafts Ø70mm (2,76″), slitting shafts Ø100mm (4″), 4 or 5  pairs of manually adjustable steel knives, manual knife overlapping and manual knife gap adjustment
  • FOLDING TABLE: for an easier setting of the slitting knives
  • GUILLOTINE SHEAR: electric guillotine shear with steel knives
  • CONTROL SPS-S1: easy operation with ergonomic touch panel, variable speed adjustment with a potentiometer, single or multiple programs
  • Foil applicator
  • Set of Stripper Rings for slits narrower than 4”
  • Chromed and hardened straight rolls
  • 5 Sets High Shock/High Chrome slitting blades for stainless slitting, in lieu of STD
  • Cut-to-Length Shear Blade, High Shock/High Chrome for stainless cutting
  • Scrap Rewinder, left or right side.
  • Hydraulic Scissor Table, 4’ x 10’, 24” resting height, 12” stroke
  • 1/2” increment drop of table for stacking, 18” hydraulic movement on rail to access shear and stacked material.