Forstner nuSLIT Cut-to-Length

Forstner nuSLIT STRAIGHT PRO Cut To Length


On the Forstner nuSLIT slit and CTL, 5 sets of slitting knives come standard. The slitting shafts are 100 mm and made of polished tool steel and the slitting blades hardened with a Rc45 hardness. The tolerance between the shaft and blades is less that .0005” (.01mm), allowing for a smooth and easy positioning of the slitting blades anywhere on the shaft.

The slitting knives and blade gap are set into position by a linear ball screw via computer control. Positioning of all 5 pair of slitting knives take less than 60 seconds. Once the knives are in position, the slitting shaft hydraulically expands and locks the slitting knives around the shaft.

The knives have a two side cutting surface. So, you can alternate sides and take tension out of narrow slits. More slitting knives can be added optionally at any time



Not only is the coil-selector automatically controlled, but also the adjustment of the upper straightening rollers.

Whenever a new coil is selected, the upper straightening rollers adjust into a new position to ensure the straightening quality.

A special sensitive material operating mode prevents start-stop-lines by the upper straightening rollers and increases the quality of the coil-line enormously. Even a single sheet can be produced without coil-set or marking of the material by the automatically adjusted upper rollers.

Forstner Coil Processing Control Unit - CIDAN Machinery

forstner coil processing straightening rollers - CIDAN Machinery



With the 6-roller straightener you can create mark-free, flat sheets. The upper straightening rollers are automatically positioned in front of the sheet and open before standstill to avoid stopping marks.

The straightener has a motor and one pair of infeed rollers, 6 straightening shafts . 110 mm and one pair of out-feed rollers . 70 mm. The upper straightening shafts are also programmable.

Forstner coil processing straightener with 6 rollers - CIDAN Machinery Americas

The Forstner nuSLIT slit-cut-to-length is our latest generation of the programmable slitting line nuSLIT 1250 with outstanding features. Forstner nuSLIT is a true dream for the modern sheet metal workshop. Every function can be operated from the control panel: width settings, finished lengths, cylinder pressure to avoid marks from interrupted operation, slitting cutter width settings and engagement. The control system is totally compatible with nuProduction, allowing you to plan and program your entire production with no manual intervention. Combine with the number of coilers you want and manual or powered coil selector. There isn’t a better slitting and cut-to-length machine to be found!

  • With the programmable slitting line nuSLIT, you can set your desired slitting width simply on the touch panel. The setting of the knives sets and the positioning will be done fully automatic.
  • The circular shaped knives cut precise and parallel. The positioning of the blades happens withing seconds.
  • Minimum width of 30mm can be cut on the edges.
  • Between 2 knife sets the minimum width is 100mm.
  • The Forstner nuSLIT slit-cut-to-length can be equipped with up to 7 knife sets
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  • nuSLIT with step cut and label printer


Machine Type Straightening rolls Ø Working width Coil thickness mild steel 400 N/mm2 Coil thickness stainless steel 600 N/mm2 Slitting shaft Ø Slitting knives, standard Speed
mm mm mm mm mm Paar m/min
nuSLIT PRO 1250 Aut. Slit & Cut-to-length 1250 1,0 0,6 106 5 max. 25
nuSLIT PROCUT 1250 Aut. Slit & Cut-to-length 1250 1,0 0,6 106 5 max. 25
nuSLIT STRAIGHT PRO 1250 Aut. Straightening, Slit & Cut-to-length 70 1250 1,0 0,6 106 5 max. 25
nuSLIT STRAIGHT PROCUT 1250 Aut. Straightening, Slit & Cut-to-length 70 1250 1,0 0,6 106 5 max. 25


  • Roller infeed table at the beginning
  • Table manually adjustable coil guide with ball bearings
  • 6-roller Straightener fully automatic
  • Programmable slitting unit with up to 7 automatic adjustable pairs of stainless steel blades
  • Guillotine Shear
  • Sectional roller Shear | AL-p
  • Label printer | LP
  • Additional pairs of blades | MPCR
  • Decoiling System