Manual decoiler tower

Göteneds manuella haspeltorn

Manual decoiler tower is the solution that most people like. On the same surface as you have one coil, you can now have two. Build on the height and become more efficient. Each decoiler can handle 2000 kg and a coil width of 1250 mm. Easily loaded with a crane or forklift, minimizing the risk of damage to the material and ensures rapid coil changes.

  • Manual decoilers with single frame and expandable mandrel
  • Manually adjustable brake
  • Open design for easy and secure loading

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Model Coil weight Coil width Coil diameter
  kg mm Inner mm Outer mm
DO 2 coil tower 2 x 2000 1250 360-520 850

An exquisite accessory for our manual 2-tons decoilers. A larger hand wheel attached to the back of the decoiler that facilitates rewinding of sheet metal. Easily removable between the decoilers.

Handhjul till 2-tons haspel