Get over 4 more metres of opportunity!

Fewer joints, faster assembly and greater flexibility. As well as more reasonable investment costs and quieter running compared to long folding machines. RAPIDO 41 and F41 are an unbeatable combination when you want to win the long jobs.

CIDAN RAPIDO 41CIDAN RAPIDO 41 is the powerfully built guillotine shear that now stretches all the way to 4.1 metres. This machine is extremely stable and performs outstanding high quality cuts. Send your jobs straight on to F41 for unrivalled efficiency and productivity!


CIDAN F41CIDAN F41 is the strong and powerful folder that offers fantastic precision, thanks to robust design and bending rail crowning among other things.

Do you want to cut strips or folded profiles without making major investments? Equip your F41 with a rotary shear on the upper beam as an optional extra!

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