In order for you as a customer to have even better and more efficient sheet metal processing, we have developed unique features and innovations! This is how we help our customers around the world to shape tomorrow´s world, like we have done since 1907.

FORMA 32/41 – longer, stronger and faster


CIDAN FORMA 32/41 metal folder reflects decades of experience and development in technology and design. CIDAN FORMA 32/41 is a “cross-over” that meets all the requirements for a really multifunctional machine for all your needs, from one-of-a-kind to batch production. This is a powerful and efficient production resource.

  • New design of the bending beam, upper beam and side frame for stiffer construction – 40% stronger
  • Speed upgrade of clamping and bending process (37% at clamping speed, 12% at bending beam)
  • Divided straight rail
  • Longer bending beam 3200 mm


CIDAN FS PLUS – exact and flexible


CIDAN FS PLUS folding machine is strong, exact and almost impossible to wear out. With welded sides, clamping beam with eccentric drive and extra strong lower beam, this machine is designed for the highest productivity levels, low maintenance costs and problem-free operating, year in and year out.

  • Patent of a new technology – bending center adjustment
  • Set exact sheet thickness fast, directly in ProLink
  • Perfect bending radius for all material thicknesses
  • No risk of cracking or paint damage at your produced bent parts
  • Better quality on small flanges
  • Lower machine load