Swiss watches enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide. They are one of the masterpieces of the Swiss economy and represent typical Swiss values such as precision, reliability and durability. The innovative long folding machines from THALMANN Maschinenbau AG from Frauenfeld in Switzerland also represent these values. Since 1960, THALMANN has been manufacturing single and double folding machines for sheet metal processing companies from industry and trade for the cost-effective production of sheet metal profiles – and is now one of the global leaders in folding technology.

 “We don’t build watches, but we do build high-precision folding machines in which, as with a Swiss watch movement, the multitude of different individual components are optimally matched to each other and match each other smoothly.” Gerhard Zech, Managing Director at THALMANN and FORSTNER.


Today’s THALMANN Maschinenbau AG, which has been part of the Swedish CIDAN Machinery Group since the beginning of 2022, can be traced back to the one-man business for metalworking and metal construction founded by Otto Thalmann in 1948. Almost 75 years later, around 50 people are employed at the Frauenfeld site (Canton Thurgau). In addition to CIDAN Machinery from Sweden, THALMANN and the Austrian-based companies FORSTNER (coil handling systems) and nuIT (software solutions) belong to the globally active group, with a total of about 300 employees. And the trend is rising.


THALMANN stands for developing innovative solutions that help sheet metal processing companies to operate profitably and secure a strong competitive position and it is one of the central driving forces. Optimised folding clearance and high flexibility enable various tool shapes. The unique kinetic control shaft technology ensures unrestricted work performance and synchronous power distribution over the entire length of the machine for unrestricted work performance. Even higher folding precision can be achieved with the dynamic crowning function. The exclusive vertical design principle (VFD) guarantees optimum clamping force transmission and even faster, smoother bending processes are achieved with the use of dynamic bending technology (DFT) and without any loss of folding precision. Last but not least, the intensive development of modularly integrable automation solutions has contributed significantly to THALMANN’s success story.


Time and cost pressure, staff shortages, digitisation and compliance with Industry 4.0 standards are some of the major challenges of our time, which companies must face courageously, decisively and, above all, with solutions. This is exactly what THALMANN has done with modularly integrable automation solutions: The complex manufacturing process is decisively simplified and production efficiency is sustainably increased. Valuable time and high costs can therefore be saved. Personnel costs can especially be saved since the entire system can be operated by just one operator.

For this purpose, THALMANN offers three independent automation units: the automatic, sheet feed-in device, the automatic sheet flipping device and the automatic part unloader with buffer/garage. The degree of automation can be determined by the customers themselves. Solutions are offered that can be adapted to individual needs and retrofitted to newer generation machines.


THALMANN covers the needs of customers from trade and industry with three core models:

  • The TZ SINGLE FOLDER models are ideally suited for basic folding processes and therefore for typical architectural, cladding and roofing companies
  • The TD DOUBLE FOLDER models are the first choice for larger architectural, cladding and roofing companies as well as for industrial production where particularly high-performance criteria must be met
  • The TC DOUBLE FOLDER models convince sheet metal processing companies with the precise high-performance folding of sheets up to 3 mm thick at high processing speeds.

All information about the model variants can be found at


The integration of THALMANN Maschinenbau AG into the CIDAN Machinery Group brings with it a unique customer benefit: a comprehensive range of machines, tried-and-tested software solutions and a wide range of services from a single source. In the spirit of a ONE-STOP-PARTNER, which accompanies customers holistically in their business development and offers future-oriented solutions for every company size and every need – from individual solutions and used machines for start-ups and smaller roofing companies, to individually coordinated machinery, to fully automated, highly efficiently producing large-scale plants for industrial production.

Gerhard Zech, Managing Director of THALMANN and FORSTNER, and his team invest a lot of time and energy in the development of innovative solutions for efficient sheet metal processing.

The headquarters of THALMANN Maschinenbau AG is located in Frauenfeld (Switzerland) in the canton of Thurgau, just under 30 minutes by car from Zurich Airport.

The innovative single and double folding models are manufactured in the production and assembly halls and put through their paces before delivery.

THALMANN attaches great importance to highly trained, motivated and cheerful employees. They are the backbone of the company and a key success factor.

The first long folding machine from THALMANN (type Standard 60) was delivered on 25 August 1960. It had a working length of 6.2 m and a folding capacity of 1.0 mm sheet iron.

The TD double folder from THALMANN folds sheet metal profiles automatically, quickly and with high precision in both directions. The curved clamping cheek tool provides additional folding freedom.

The unique kinetic control shaft technology ensures unrestricted work performance and synchronous power distribution over the entire length of the machine.

The exclusive, vertical design principle (VFD) of the TZ single folder develops enormous clamping forces directly at the clamping point.

With the TD double folder, exclusive dynamic folding technology (DFT) guarantees even faster and smoother bending processes without any loss of folding precision.

The TC double folder was developed especially for the precise high-performance folding of sheet metal profiles with thick material thicknesses. Even 3 mm thick sheet steel is no problem for the power pack.

The modularly integrable automation solutions simplify the complex manufacturing process, increase production efficiency and significantly reduce personnel costs, as the entire system can be operated by just one employee.

Significantly reduced working times directly at the machine and high efficiency gains can be achieved with the automatic, lateral sheet metal insertion unit.

The automatic sheet metal turning unit ensures a high reduction in sheet metal part handling and smoother, more consistent folding processes.

After folding, the finished folded sheet metal profiles are automatically picked up by the machine and conveyed to the edged parts buffer for easy removal.

The complete sheet metal removal unit can be automatically stowed under the edged parts buffer. This means that orders can be processed again – even without full automation.