Barth invests in single and double folder

More than 150 years ago, the company history of today’s Gustav Barth GmbH began with the founding of an ironmonger’s shop by the brothers Gustav and Carl Barth. With Andreas Votteler, the 5th generation of the Barth-Votteler family is now at the helm of the company. A few weeks ago, the investment in two new folding machines from THALMANN marked another milestone for the future orientation of the traditional company with headquarters in Renningen, Swabia (Germany). A good time to introduce the Barth company in a little more detail.

Rational and economic aspects that speak for THALMANN machines are?
ANDREAS VOTTELER: Quality, speed and flexibility. From our point of view, these are the essential aspects that a folding machine must provide. Add to this a high degree of innovation, ease of use and good service, and there’s nothing standing in the way of a long-term partnership. I am certain that I have found this partner in Thalmann.


THAKO, TZ and TD double folder – Barth fully relies on THALMANN. Can you put it that way?
ANDREAS VOTTELER: Yes, you could say that. We stand behind this decision 100%. We also really liked the fact that THALMANN manufactures almost everything in-house and otherwise only uses top components from well-known suppliers. Besides, we will be focusing on one manufacturer in the future anyway.

Isn’t there a certain danger in concentrating on one manufacturer?
ANDREAS VOTTELER: I don’t see that danger at all in this case: 1 manufacturer + 1 contact + 1 control = 1 interface = maximum production efficiency. Especially since this is not the first machine we have purchased from THALMANN. Our THAKO from 2007 still runs as flawlessly today as on the first day. We never had any problems with it and only lubricated it once in a while. This experience has certainly had a positive influence on our decision-making and concentration on THALMANN.

What has changed at Barth the last years?
The company Barth is and remains wholesale partner of the craft! This has not changed since I have been involved in the last 4 years and should remain so. “More than metal” is what we offer and what we work for. With a storage area of around 8,500 square meters, we have well over 7,000 items in our range. With currently 6 locations and our own truck fleet consisting of 32 vehicles with a payload capacity of up to 15 tons, we know how to deliver our products to our customers neatly, on time, quickly and nationwide. In addition, we offer our customers comprehensive consulting and other services as well as training courses and practice-oriented seminars. And with the investment in two new THALMANN machines, we want to further expand the area of metalworking. In fact, a lot has happened in this area in recent years.

The entire truck fleet of Gustav Barth GmbH currently consists of 32 vehicles
and brings the products neatly, on time, quickly and area-wide to the customers.