Stackmaster + FORMA Z – the perfect combo

KPAB with CIDAN Stackmaster and Forma Z

High technology combined with intelligent common sense, short decision paths and a personal approach. There you have the recipe for success behind the Swedish company KPAB, a full range manufacturer of glazing, windows, doors and sliding and folding sections in aluminum.

KPAB fire doorKPAB also has outstanding expertise in powder coating, and recently developed their own range of steel doors. Building on this success they have newly invested in a Stackmaster and FORMA Z from CIDAN Machinery. Mats Norin, CEO of KPAB, gives his view on the investment.

Why did you decide to bring the manufacturing of door skins and door frames in-house?
We had previously outsourced our door skin and frame folding. As we work customer/order-specific we have short series and a great many variations. This forced us to maintain a large stock of different doors. The inventory cost was high, the manufacturing cost was high and the lead time was long, especially when the customer required doors of odd dimensions.

Why did you choose flat storage, with a CIDAN Stackmaster?
Well, as our series are short, we need to change blanks frequently. Changing from one blank type to another is quick and easy work with a Stackmaster.

What were your reasons for chosing a semi-automatic up-down folding machine?
A semi-automatic machine saves time for the operator that can be used for changing blanks from the Stackmaster, at the same time as the folding machine is working its way through the folding sequence. So, changing blank types does not require any setup time!

Why did you decide to go for a FORMA Z up-down folding machine?
Our door design is rather complicated with many different kinds of bends. FORMA Z has the technical capabilities for folding all these bends.

If you evaluate, what is the outcome of the Stackmaster/FORMA Z in your production?
Our goals with the machine combo have been met! The inventory cost, the manufacturing cost and the lead time have substantially decreased. Additionally we have now freed up space in our workshop, that we can use for other things!

Are you satisfied with the precision in the folded door skins?
After some minor adjustments to the machines, the precision in our folded door skins has exceeded all our expectations!