Stigs Byggplåt

Stig Anderssson has been running his sheet metal workshop for over 35 years in the small Swedish town of Grästorp, working with sheet metal for the construction industry. The company employs two roofers and workshop staff of one, besides Stig himself, and customers are mainly local construction businesses. The workshop not only serves the roofing sector but also provides folded profiles for customers working with balconies and window mounting.

Capacity utilization made investment possible
–By standing on these two pillars, we have gained better capacity utilization of the machine park, which in turn has given us the opportunity to invest in modern, rational machines. Until now the customers would send in their orders, sending sketches by e-mail or sometimes calling in orders by phone.

All the right information – always
When data is sent in like this, important information is often missing and almost always additions have to be made by telephone before production can get started. Stig also found calculating for invoicing burdensome and there was always a not insignificant risk of errors in customers charges. Mårten Silvhorn from CIDAN demonstrated the nuEvolution management tool for Stig who was immediately enthusiastic. After a few customizing adjustments in the software Stig could get started and order reception became structured and efficient.

More and more customers sign up
Today Stig’s business has more than a half dozen external customers who use nuEvolution to place orders. Every order now comes with exact measurements, lengths, choice of colour/material and
quantities and includes order data and requested delivery date. A production pdf is generated for each profile that even includes all the data needed for invoicing.

–With nuEvolution I get all the customer data, number of details, number of folds per profile and total material consumption on paper. All I need to do is sit down and invoice. And I always have the correct information if a customer has any questions about invoices. If a customer walks through the door to place an order I enter the data in the same way. It’s easy to keep track of everything and nothing gets missed. There’s absolutely no chance I would ever go back to doing all this manually.