Our back gauge - your workplace

Our patented back gauge gives unbeatable precision, is extremely strong, versatile and expandable from 1000 mm (39″) up to 4300 mm (169″) working depth.
With additional modules you can design L-, J- or U-shaped back gauges according to your specific needs. The module system allows 141 different combinations of back gauge system, so a fully customized back gauge system is possible today. The back gauge can also be made height adjustable. With a height adjustable back gauge you can make maximum use of your Multifold machine.

The back gauge system is servo driven with ball screws and linear guides for optimal efficiency and precision. Every position will be exactly the same, time after time. Steel ball transfers facilitate handling larger material. If you work with scratch sensitive material we recommend a table with brushes.

As standard the back gauge system has 8 up to 16 gauging rails as standard depending on the working width of the machine. The fast gauge positioning, each repositioning takes under two seconds, allows higher productivity and in turn lowers costs for each bending operation. The front back gauge fingers are made from spring steel as standard. All back gauge fingers can be folded down to the table from the control system. The material can then be rotated with no risk of damage.

NEWS! Now you can chose XTAP, conical bending in the back gauge table, read more under Options for respectively F-machine.

Now you can have brushes in the back gauge table, read more under Options for respectively F-machine.


The most important advantages

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    Built according to your own requirements.

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    Gauge dimensions from 2 mm upwards available depending on table size.

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    8 to 16 gauge rails according to working width.

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    Fast servo motors and linear guides for greatest possible speed and accuracy.

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    Height adjustable for all Multifold models.

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    Sturdy, rock solid construction.

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