Heavy equipment and industrial fabrication machinery are more complex than ever. Increased customization and sophisticated software controls challenge today’s industrial machinery to deliver efficient and cost-effective manufacturing solutions. In an increasingly competitive industry, industrial fabricators must ensure innovation and manage complexity for high-volume operations.

Focusing on flexible and simple to use solutions of the highest quality, machinery from CIDAN can help you build the right product, and build the product right. From HVAC production to custom metal fabrication, our machines successfully integrate and automate your process with low-overhead and fast response manufacturing.

CIDAN Machinery offers a comprehensive line of industrial fabrication machinery for part manufacturing including CNC metal folderselectrical guillotine shearscut-to-length systems, software, automation and more.

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Large, solid and powerful

The TC double folder, or “Big Mama”, offers the VFD Design principle, offset folding beam geometry, fully-automatic gripper system, DFT drive, and multi-zone folding beam crowning.

Type: long_folder Lengths: 4 m up to 12 m Capacity: 3.0 mm

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Portable, state-of-the-art!

The New Tech Machinery SSR MultiPro Jr. is one of the most portable, state-of-the-art roof panel rollformer equipped with polyurethane drive rollers, forward pulling gear shear, waterproof NEMA 4 electrical system, push button run/job controls at entry and exit, UL rated panels, and the industry’s best warranty!

Type: Rollforming

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Award-winning machine!

The New Tech Machinery MACH II COMBO gutter machine is the very first of New Tech Machinery’s, world famous, polyurethane drive systems. This award-winning machine has stainless steel forming rollers, two forward pulling, easy cut shears, power interruption safety circuit, two 360º rotatable reel stands with easy lift reels, and the industry’s best warranty.

Type: Rollforming

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