Living in a more tech-savvy world, in the era of dynamic changes and growing competition, sheet metal shop owners are looking for solutions that would help them be more precise and efficient, stay organized and keep up with market growth.

Considering this demand and focusing on metal industry development trends, CIDAN Machinery Group developed nuIT – a manufacturing management software for the sheet metal industry. nuIT has been designed and created by experienced professionals of sheet metal fabrication, an actual shop owner familiar with the challenges of sheet metal manufacturers and their customers.

nuIT is the order processing and production management software your shop desires.

nuIT is an innovative 24/7 order processing & production management tool. Benefits include:

  • nuIT helps the business stay organized, keeping up with the market growth and optimizing time and staff management.
  • nuIT allows the order process fast, safe, and easy, keeping customers posted about the status of their order through branded PDF`s.
  • nuIT integrates with QuickBooks Online, saving your sheet metal business from accounting mistakes and their consequences.

The second you receive the order, it initially transfers relevant data to your folding and slitting machines, making the sheet metal fabrication management as easy as ever.

By keeping customers updated about the status of their orders and providing detailed branded PDFs, nuIT raises the credibility of your business, increasing the number of returning customers, your revenue, and profits. Moreover, it frees a great deal of workforce and resources that you can redirect towards other vital segments of your metal sheet business.

New Seamless Integration
At IRE 2022 in New Orleans, we showcased nuIT’s new product feature. 

nuIT can now integrate with QuickBooks Online – the #1 online accounting solution. It allows businesses to avoid notorious accounting issues. Preventing mistakes and tax penalties, nuIT protects your business reputation and saves its resources.

With the new QuickBooks Online integration, invoicing is even easier. Now at the end of the day, one can manually or automatically sync data with QuickBooks Online, freeing up your accounting department from multiple entries and mistakes. Watch the video here.

Features include:

  1. Can import company information and products.
  2. Manually export orders invoices or have it done automatically after every order.
  3. You can choose different categories in QB so only the wanted items or customers are imported.
  4. Eliminates the need to manually enter invoices every day. Saves time for busy operators and make keeping track of invoices and accounting easier.

nuIT is more than another manufacturing management software. It is a qualified and competent assistant who empowers your metal sheet business to grow and reach its goals, leaving competitors behind. Get your free demo scheduled and unleash the power in your manufacturing automation process.