Forstner STRAIGHT cut-to-length

Sensitive Material Mode

Sensitive Material Mode

Not only is the coil-selector automatically controlled, but also the adjustment of the upper straightening shafts.

Whenever a new coil is selected, the upper straightening shafts will be adjusted into a new position to ensure the straightening quality.

A special sensitive material operating mode prevents start-stop-lines by the upper straightening shafts and increases the quality of the coil-line enormously. Even a single sheet can be produced without coil-set or marking of the material by the automatically adjusted upper shafts.


Forstner Coil Processing Control Unit - CIDAN Machinery

6 Straightening Rollers

6 Stycken Riktvalsar

Riktverket är manuellt eller motordrivet, beroende på modell, och är utrustat med två frammatningsvalsar, 6 riktvalsar med diameter 70 eller 110 mm och två utmatningsvalsar med diameter 70 mm. I POWERSTRAIGHT PRO kan de övre riktvalsarna programmeras via styrsystemet.

Tack vare det programmerbara riktverket med 6 valsar kan du enkelt skapa platta plåtar utan märken. De övre riktvalsarna positioneras automatiskt framför plåten och höjs innan stoppet för att undvika “stoppmärken”.

Forstner coil processing straightener with 6 rollers - CIDAN Machinery

Forstner STRAIGHT cut-to-length coil processing line series are massive all-in-one straightening and cut-to-length systems. They are designed to take the coil set out of material of varying thickness. The POWERSTRAIGHT PRO is heavy duty system that can process 2 mm mild steel. Powered by six straightening rollers to remove coil set, the 110 mm 42CrMo4 polished steel rolls can be modified by locking handles with a reference scale. Forstner STRAIGHT cut-to-length is a gentle giant capable of handling your toughest and most delicate jobs.

  • AMK 6” color control
  • Raising and lowering slitting shaft
  • 2.5 mm capacity guillotine sheer
  • Encoder with rubberized wheel
  • Infeed guide adjustment
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Forstner STRAIGHT Specifications
Type Slit & Cut-to-Length Cut-to-Length Slit & Cut-to-Length
Straightening Rolls 6 –4.33? (110mm) 6 –4.33? (110mm) 6 –4.33? (110mm)
Working Width 50 inch (1270mm) 50 inch (1270mm) 60 inch (1500mm)
Shearing, Mild Steel 12ga (2.5mm) 12ga (2.5mm) 12ga (2.5mm)
Slitting Capacity See Chart, page 9 See Chart, page 9
Slitting Shaft 5.51 Inch (140mm) 5.51Inch (140mm)
Slitting Knives, standard 5 5
Speed 85 FPM (25MPM) 85 FPM (25MPM) 85 FPM (25MPM)
Weight 6800lb. (2545kg) 6250lb. (2840kg) 7200lb. (3272kg)
Height 42 Inch (1066mm) 42 Inch (1066mm) 42 Inch (1066mm)
Width 72 inch (1828mm) 72 inch (1828mm) 87 inch (2209mm)
Depth 81 inch (2057mm) 81 inch (2057mm) 91 inch (2311mm)
Power 7HP (5.25Kw) 7HP (5.255Kw) 7.5HP (5.6Kw)
Voltage 230V 3phase 230V 3phase 230V 3phase
Breaker 40amp 40amp 40amp
Forstner STRAIGHT Slitting Capacity
Mild Steel **Stainless Aluminum
Gauge mm Slits Gauge mm Slits Inch mm Slits
10 3.33 3 13 2.22 3 0.21 5.33 3
14 2 5 18 1.33 5 0.126 3.2 5
16 1.43 7 20 0.95 7 0.09 2.29 7
18 1.25 8 22 0.83 8 0.08 2 8
20 1.11 9  24 0.74 9 0.07 1.78 9
  • DEFLECTION ROLLERS: to support the infeed of a new coil
  • TABLE: manually adjustable coil guidance with roller bearings
  • STRAIGHTENER: manually adjustable straightener with 6 shafts Ø110mm (4,33″)
  • FOLDING TABLE: for an easier setting of the slitting knives
  • GUILLOTINE: heavy electric guillotine shear with inox knives
  • CONTROL SPS-F3: easy operation with ergonomic touch panel, variable speed adjustment with a potentiometer, single or multiple programs
  • Plastic sheet dispenser FAG
  • Hard chromium plated straightening shafts HVC
  • Stripper rings AP
  • Standard knives for mild steel only for guillotine shear available MPFE
  • Conveyor belt behind the guillotine shear TS-AZ
  • Conveyer belt BA, roller conveyor BA, stacker ST, manipulator MAN, etc.