The BASE (Bending and Slitting Engine)

BASE Bending And Slitting Engine
Thalmann TD Double Folder

By applying Thalmann Double Folder Technology, sheet-metal part handling can be completely omitted or reduced to an absolute minimum. Two folding beams are used to fold the sheet metal in two directions, fully automatically, efficiently, fast and with high precision. With the innovative Dynamic Folding Technology, the folding speed and thus production output are increased considerably. Driven by the globally unique kinetic Control Shaft Technology – a mechanical controller which synchronizes the clamping and folding beam – the TD model delivers the highest precision and parallelism, even in complex parts. The Modular Tool Geometry ensures decisively more flexibility and folding space, the sophisticated Gripper System guarantees a precise positioning of the sheet-metal parts even at a high operating speed and the Interconnected Control Technology can be operated easily and intuitively – thus enabling reliable and economical handling.

The BASE Thalmann

The BASE Thalmann

Conveyor belt

Conveyor belt with absorbtion unit for smooth profile takeover.

The Base Conveyor belt The Base Conveyor belt

Pick up desk

Pick up desk for finished profiles

nuIT Master Integration System

With nuIT you combine expertise in information technology (IT), automation, and metal trim production, the BASE modernize your industry with state-of-the-art solutions. When you combine the superior craftsmanship of our machines with the nuEVOLUTION, your business can EVOLVE from a production floor to an “intelligent factory.”

nuIT software

NUEvolution Software NUit

Automated straightening, slitting & cut to length

Automated straightening, slitting & cut to length including step cut.

The BASE Slitting and cutting The BASE Slitting and cutting

Forstner Coil Processing

The haspel line is demand-driven and process the right material in the right order, at the speed and the precision you want. Just start up the program and the sheet metal is fed in, straightened, measured and cut to the correct dimensions ready for the next step. A portal system transports the cut parts one by one to the ThalmannTD double folder which automatically folds the profiles based on bending programs sent by nuIT.

The BASE Forstner Coil

Flexible handling crane

Flexible handling crane for moving and flipping sheets.

The Base Handling Crane The Base Handling Crane

Welcome to The BASE (Bending And Slitting Engine) – a completely automated unit for fully integrated production of sheet metal profiles and molding. The ultimate all-in-one-solution for manufacturing industries with high production flow.

Through combining the best standard machines on the market into a single unit and then adding the revolutionary nuIT control system, production is increased to levels you have never seen before.

The BASE can be equipped with up to 6 haspels each with a capacity of 2–7 tonne. The haspels are designed and constructed to give the gentlest possible release and transfer to the Forstner PSM cut-to-length, that slits and cuts the sheet to the required shape. The cutting mechanism can be programmed, making it possible to send cutting optimized instructions, from the software directly to PSM, for maximum utilization of the material and minimal waste. The cut parts are fed onwards to the double folder ThalmannTD that automatically folds the now cut and shaped pieces according to the desired profiles. The BASE also takes care of marking with profile data and individual notes such as packing. Using nuIT, the production unit can be easily integrated with your other processes for Lean production, efficient control and administration.

The BASE is operated by a single operator, from coil changeover to packing finished pieces. Automate your manufacturing in one single step. The wholly automated production unit is now a reality.

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Min/max material thickness Min segment/cutting Max segment/cutting Min length Max length
Model Steel mm Stainless steel mm Aluminium mm mm mm mm mm
6 m BASE 0.5-1.0 0.5-0.8 0.5-1.0 100 1000 1500 6200
8 m BASE 0.5-1.0 0.5-0.8 0.5-1.0 100 1000 1500 8050
  • Production command center
  • Production control screen
  • Flexible decoiling
  • Automated straightening, slitting & cut to length including step cut
  • Fully Integrated label Printer
  • Flexible Handling Crane for moving & flipping sheets
  • Super-fast, Precise & dynamic Double Folder
  • Conveyor belt with absorption unit for smooth profile takeover
  • Pick up desk for finished profiles
  • Scrap Tray

Fully automated Production line for metal trims/metal profiles.

Full integration of Coilline, Bending machine, parts handling within small space.

Real time Cutting optimization – step cuts for even more flexibility

Operation of the whole line with just a single person – coilhandling, cutting, bending, labeling, packaging.

From batch size 1 to serial production.

Automated Labeling with profile data and individual notes.

Coil line and bending machine also usable in semi automated and manual mode.

With the use of the nuIT Software packages The BASE can be integrated into all company processes and areas – ordering, work and production planning, production, logistics, ERP-integration.