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Welcome to the dream factory!

nuIT – software by CIDAN Machinery, is a tool for the sheet metal industry designed by Sheet Metal Workers. Constructed by a shop owner, nuIT is an order processing and production management platform designed to streamline all aspects from the order placement and entry, to process control in your shop.

nuIT allows your customers or sales team to order custom/standard flashing, panels, and accessories from the field and submit them to you for production. The data is available immediately, in real-time, at the office within your production stage, and will auto-generate branded PDF’s for you as well. The profile can also be sent directly to the production machine, at this time. nuIT is a way to instantly transform your shop into the most efficient and cutting edge fully integrated smart factory around!

5 good reasons for nuIT

  1. Platform independent software solution developed by practitioners for practitioners
  2. Mobile and easy creation of metal trims; no matter when, no matter where
  3. Networking of various machines and simple creation and transmission of production data
  4. Process optimization from the construction site to the work preparation all the way into the production and accounting
  5. Automatic creation of various order data, calculations and documents

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The perfect start

Start with nuEVOLUTION basic package, and create your orders in highest precision directly from wherever you want. Draw and order metal trims along with supplies and articles directly at the construction site. You can also add all necessary supplies to the order directly from the jobsite. nuEVOLUTION is the cornerstone and the basis for all other modules. The following functions are included:

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    Internal orders of metal trims and supplies

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    Forward orders directly from the construction site to the office for manual production

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    Generate documents immediately like job cover sheets, detail views, order overviews or delivery notes

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    Save all made inputs for documentation purpose or later use

nuIT Features

nulT features limitless possibilities in order to help you increase revenue and profits. With nulT, your business is able to get more clarity into the production process by automating and creating efficient processes with our 24/7 order processing & production management tool

NuIT Workflow

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    Draw profiles 24/7 from anywhere

    Anywhere, anytime, sales, project manager and everyone in between can order whatever the job site requires. Whether drawing custom or selecting from a library of standard profiles, nuIT makes ordering simple and efficient!

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    Personal branding

    Your nuIT environment will be branded to your business with logos and color scheme specific to your look!

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    Scheduling and production management

    All orders will run through our ticked production system with a weekly calendar board accessible for transparent production scheduling. Auto generated PDF production documents are stored with every order and printable if needed!

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    Order tracking and storage

    nuIT’s cloud-based platform ensures full order management and history at your fingers whenever you need it! With each order comes order specific PDF documents saving hours of time and paperwork. Quickly track orders from a new to a completed production order and receive automated email alerts alone the way!

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    Full shop automation is achieved with our connection to slitters and CNC folders. This allows orders submitted to be automatically nested and sent to the slitter to be cut. Simultaneously the bending sequence is sent directly to the folder and ready for the metal PDF’s, email alerts, production data, production time and much more are simply automated by nuIT and customized to your company’s needs!

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    Quickbooks Online & ERP Integration

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nuIT Software Product Plans

Discover the customized software packages of nuIT for a quick, easy and process-oriented creation, organization and production of metal trims – from small manufacturers to big industrial companies.

Start with nuEVOLUTION, and create your orders in highest precision directly from wherever you want.
Draw and order metal trims along with supplies and articles directly at the construction site.

With our customized software packages, we offer broad ranges of solutions for your business.


  • Green check Drawing Boards
  • Green check 3D Imaging Tool
  • Green check Saved Profiles/Selection Folders
  • Green check Product and Accessories Folders
  • Green check Visual Shopping Cart
  • Green check Autogenerated PDF Documents
  • Green check Branded Interface
  • Green check Intelligent Management Systems
  • Green check 5 Internal Seats
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  • Green check Everything in nuEvolution PLUS
  • Green check Labor and Time Per Order
  • Green check Production Planning Boards
  • Green check Cutting Optimization Visuals
  • Green check Nesting Control
  • Green check Coil Connectivity Link
  • Green check Folder Connectivity Link
  • Green check Label Printing Link (if available)
  • Green check Supplier Documents
  • Green check Step Cut/Roller Shears Link


  • Green check Everything in nuEvolution PLUS
  • Green check Pricing Matrix for Linear Feet
  • Green check Pricing Matrix for Weight
  • Green check Partnered Companies
  • Green check Waste Control
  • Green check Order Settings Pricing Matrix
  • Green check Bending Pricing Matrix
  • Green check Logistic Pricing Matrix
  • Green check eCommerce
  • Green check Customer Invoicing

nuProduction + nuOrder

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  • Green check Everything in nuProduction
  • Green check Everything in nuOrder

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