A few clicks – cut & slit without burr!

FORSTNER COMPACT 1500 with two decoiler AG2000; it is the latest addition to Masterveil´s factory. Masterveil is a small company in Sweden that produces air curtains with a unique solution for Europe. Their customers are mainly companies that efficiently and inexpensively want to prevent losses of heat/cold through open doors and gateways. The company was started in 1986 and has since the beginning used CIDANs sheet metal machines.

Right now, there is a RAPIDO metal shear, a FORMA 30 Multifold folding machine and the latest, the cut-to-length and slitting line from FORSTNER. Pierre Larsson, co-owner: “These are quality machines that do what we want and what we need!”

The folding machine was purchased a couple of years ago and replaced their old FUTURA (also from CIDAN Machinery Group). Pierre continues: “Because the FORMA is a Multifold, it is very flexible. We have to adapt to the customers’ wishes, and then our machines have to be able to do a lot.”

Slit & cut-to-length had been on the wish list for a long time, and in 2023 it happened. Masterveil has mainly started from a flat-sheet-stock been, up to 4 m long, and it has been tiring to cut these down to the correct format. “We acquired the machine to make it easier for the staff and to avoid manual handling, and additionally to save time. With the cutting line, it’s now easy, it’s fast and the results are very good – no burr of the slitting or the cutting!” There are two decoilers in the line and five knife sets in the slitter. In principle, they get all the sheets in all widths and thicknesses up to 1 mm that they need from the cutting section. Efficient and fast.

The entire line with two decoilers and CTL including straightening, slitter, and guillotine, is no longer than 5.8 m. This means that there is a lot of production in a small area, which was important for Masterveil. They want the opportunity to grow without having to think about bigger premises.

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