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AutoPOL software – from cad to ProLink, ready for forming!

AutoPOL – 3d import to ProLink. We work together with the software developer AutoPOL and we have now taken a stride forward and upgraded the possibilities for file import for even easier integration of the machine in your daily work. With this upgrade you can import 3d-models and develop them further. From there our software will take the actual bend allowances from the machine and unfold a dxf file for the pre formed part to be cut on a punch, laser or other cutting machine. This ensure the correct blank size which means faster turnaround for small batch runs. Screens with ProLink cad drawings

The process using AutoPOL

  • A 3D model opens in AutoPOL. The most common CAD file formats are accepted.
  • Materials are selected and a sheet extension is created with a simple push of a button.
  • The result is exported as a ProLink NC file, as well as a DXF file for laser / punch.
  • The NC file opened in CIDAN ProLink.
  • The DXF file can later be opened in a CAM program for nesting, laser cutting or punching.

An efficient software for today’s needs – AutoPol

CIDAN Machinery has in collaboration with the developer AutoPOL created this upgrade for better integration for world class sheet metal manufacturing. The concept is a modern 3D system for programming and unfolding of 3D CAD models. The system is compatible with Windows and based on the ACIS 3D Geometric modeler.

See how easy it is to create dxf- and xml-files from 3D drawings!

Questions about the software, or something else?

Do you have any questions about the AutoPOL software? Or do you want to learn more about how it integrates with our machines and ProLink? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at CIDAN Machinery – we are ready to help you!