CIDAN Machinery is dedicated to providing quality and innovative technology to metal fabricators around the world. We are constantly working to expand and develop our product portfolio in order to offer our customers further quality solutions.

We are therefore proud that now also the Thalmann brand is part of our machine range. The acquisition of the Swiss manufacturer of long folders in the beginning of 2022 was a significant step for CIDAN as a manufacturer of sheet metal machinery on our way to becoming a one-stop partner for our customers.

Thalmann has been a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of long-length metal folding machines since 1960. With a wide range of machines up to 18.2 m in length and a bending capacity for 3 mm-thick steel, the Thalmann 7-axis Double Folder series has been tailor-made to customer requirements in the sheet metal industry.

TZ Long Folder

Innovative, versatile, and efficient

The TZ long folder offers the VFD design principle, control shaft technology, newly designed clamping and offset beams, dynamic crowning system, and the brand new longitudinal slitter.

Type: long_folder Lengths: 4.5 m up to 12.2 m Capacity: 1.25 mm up to 2.0 mm

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Large, solid and powerful

The TC double folder, or “Big Mama”, offers the VFD Design principle, offset folding beam geometry, fully-automatic gripper system, DFT drive, and multi-zone folding beam crowning.

Type: long_folder Lengths: 4 m up to 12 m Capacity: 3.0 mm

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