CIDAN semi automated line

Semi automated lines

To enter the world of digital automation CIDAN offers a wide range of smart production tools to upgrade and streamline the production workflow for metal trim rapidly. The first step is to configurate the required profiles in nuIT´s nuEvolution. After a few more clicks in the nuProduction package the software fully automated generate a cutting optimization for Forstner´s nuSlit including step cut, a label with a QR Code and the bending data for the CIDAN folder.
The only thing the operator at the slitter needs to do is to press the play button. Once the sheets are cut and the labels are on, the operator can easily scan the QR Code on the label and the bending program will show up on the folder immediately.
The overall production time will be decreased in a never seen way.


The BASE Starter Kit

Run and optimized by nuIT software

  • 1

    nuIT interface + cutting optimization

  • 2

    Forstner nuSlit + step cut + labeling

  • 3

    CIDAN folder + scanner scanner

The BASE Starter Kit gallery

  • Cutting Optimization Mm
  • Cidan - nuIT operator
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