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Software Solutions for Metal Processing & Fabrication

Are you a material supplier looking for CAD software for sheet metal design? Or control systems that even unskilled operators can handle?

Our control systems are designed for you to get the best out of your get the best out of your folders, shears, decoilers as well as other machines. They offer great functionality, flexibility, and is also very user-friendly. Take advantage of

  • EasyLink
  • ProLink W
  • AutoPOL
  • nuIT

Each that will revolutionize your entire production process!

NuEvolution with nuIT on screens


Make ordering on job sites easier, improve inventory or order process management, and send complete orders directly to your machines. Let us show you how to take your fabrication to the next level!

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ProLink software


The possibilities are unlimited with CIDAN’s exclusive ProLink W CNC touch-screen control. Find an icon in the library, adjust dimensions and angles, and the part you programmed is what you get!

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EasyLink is a complete and user-friendly control system, fast and easy to program. EasyLink has the possibility to store 1000 profiles each with 99 steps. In every program step, the angle, gauge dimension, opening height, clamping pressure and hem pressure can be programmed.

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AutoPol shown on display


Through our co-operation with software developer AutoPOL you can now import 3D-models and develop them further. AutoPOL processes the 3D-model and creates a drawing with measures and angles customized for your folding machine.

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Sheet metal design software

We are always striving to overcome the challenges met by our customers. From the start of our success – 1907, our answer to these challenges has been groundbreaking innovations to make the working days of our customers easier and more efficient.

CIDAN Machinery offers software for different parts of the production of sheet metal – for the design process as well as management platforms for the production. On this page you find all our software, and the technology to give you all the data you need for exact and fast control.

The programs make it possible to follow your process and get every variable you need for a successful result. All our software, like nuIT, is user-friendly and made for the sheet metal industry, designed by Sheet Metal Workers.

When you need software for sheet metal design

Here at CIDAN Machinery we are experts on software for the metal industry.

Do you have any questions about our sheet metal CAD software, or anything else? Please contact us at CIDAN Machinery, we will be happy to help!