Simon Ammann flies on Thalmann

Since the handover of the business from Heinz Brändle to the two brothers Josias and Simon Ammann on October 1, 2016, a lot has happened at the specialist company from Alt St. Johann in Obertoggenburg, Switzerland. With the investment in a TD double folder from THALMANN Maschinenbau AG, a further step was recently taken for the future orientation of the Brändle company.

The name Brändle has been closely associated with the roofing and plumbing trade for four generations. After a successful search for a successor, Heinz Brändle handed over his company to Josias and Simon Ammann about two years ago. “I am very happy to have been able to hand over my life’s work to capable hands after 37 years,” says Heinz Brändle. “The constellation with the Ammann brothers is a real stroke of luck. Josias learned the roofing trade here in the valley and returned to his homeland after his years of travel. He knows the country and its people. I leave the management and responsibility to him with pleasure and a good feeling. Of course, I will continue to be available to the company and actively work with it – as long as my input is needed and desired.”

Managing Director Josias Ammann (35) reviews the past two years and remains convinced of his decision at the time. “This was definitely the right decision by me and my brother and I am happy to have taken advantage of this unique opportunity. My training and experience in other companies are of great benefit to me today. In retrospect, my additional training as a technical businessman and energy consultant was the right thing to do. By using innovative products and solutions, we meet the increasing demands on modern building envelopes and thus ensure that we can offer customer- and cost-optimized solutions. With the investment in a double folder from THALMANN, we have created the basis for healthy growth, can thus work absolutely up-to-date, are geared to digitalization with production and are thus optimally equipped for new tasks. We are attractive as a place to work and train, and with measures of this kind we want to become even more attractive as an employer, thus also counteracting the shortage of skilled workers.”

Simon Ammann (37) not only supports his brother Josias as an investor, but also as an interlocutor, networker and provider of ideas from the outside. “Our roofs and facades will be more visible and sustainable for longer than sporting successes,” says the top Swiss athlete (Ski jumper). “Offering our own training and jobs with the help of the company, and thus also supporting trade in the valley, is a big deal for me. I am very happy that my brother has taken over this responsibility and that I can support him. Strengthening the bond with the valley in this way is something extraordinary. In addition, we are grateful to be able to continue the tradition of the Brändle family. To continue in the spirit of the existing motto: ‚Tradition is not equal to quality, but quality has tradition with us!‘“

The TD double folder from THALMANN has now been in operation for around 6 months and the Ammann brothers are full of praise. “We are very pleased with our new machine. The unique design of the folding and clamping beam makes it a flexible all-rounder, sets an incredible production speed and is very easy and intuitive to operate. Even my brother can cope with that – when he’s around and tries his hand at the machine,” says Josias Ammann with a wink in the direction of his brother Simon. “I also already had the idea that I could change my jumping ski aerodynamically at the tip, because the TD double folder can fold such nice radii” replies Simon Ammann, laughingly patting brother Josias on the shoulder. “I am also very attracted to the C-shaped and overall very harmonious design principle. The machine literally radiates stability, resilience and power,” adds Simon Ammann to his brother’s comments. “Apart from pure machine performance, our new THALMANN has brought about other positive effects. The TD also represents new opportunities in the future and has given us all an extra boost.“

The double Olympic champion is delighted with the TD double folder from THALMANN.