We want to be your safe one-stop-partner and always deliver sustainable and efficient sheet metal processing solutions for your specific needs. Below you can read about some of the customers who have chosen our machines for their sheet metal processing. If you want a reference near you – do not hesitate to contact us, we have customers all over the world and there is probably someone close to you as well!

A sucess story in Austria

Gerhard had a visionary goal: to connect all machines in his company through an online platform and offer the capability to produce custom profiles with just a click of a mouse within 48 hours.

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Masterveil, Sweden

-We acquired the machine to make it easier for the staff and to avoid manual handling, and additionally to save time. With the cutting line, it’s now easy, it’s fast and the results are very good – no burr of the slitting or the cutting!

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Lamera, Sweden

-We chose a FORMA Z 32 from CIDAN Machinery. We’re a bit geeky here – it’s got to be the right gear if you’re going to have a chance to deliver the best!

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Lindab Profil, Denmark

The combination Thalmann/nuIT has really heightened our entire throughput, from order reception, through production, to invoicing.

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Brändle Bedachungen AG

Simon Ammann flies on Thalmann!

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Stigs Byggplåt

Stig discovered nuEvolution, will never go back!

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Gustav Barth GmbH

Barth invests in single and double folder from Thalmann!

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Wenger Corporation

Wenger Corporation increased both quality and productivity.

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Elite Custom Metal

Both CIDAN and FORMA met well with Elite Custom Metal expectations.

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Ramseyer & Dilger AG

Ramseyer & Dilger rely on Thalmanns´s double folder!

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Integrated Image

Integrated Image thinks the Combi beam is like a dream.

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La Crosse Sign Group

La Crosse Sign Group invested in a FORMA 40 power folder.

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Sieger Thüle GmbH & Co.

Increased efficiency at Sieger Thüle GmbH & Co. thanks to Thalmann!

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Malvern Boilers Ltd.

It was a real game changer for Malvern Boilers Ltd when they invested in a CIDAN FX PLUS.

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Schrag Kantprofile GmbH

Schrag invests in two new double folders from Thalmann!

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Mobil JSC.

Mobil JSC is a Russian manufacturer of, among other things, facade panels. After their…

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