Sheet Metal Machinery


CIDAN Machinery offers an extensive line of sheet metal machinery for virtually every aspect of sheet metal working. When it comes to bending, rolling, cutting, and forming metal – we’ve got the technology, innovation, and state-of-the-art equipment you need to take your fabrication to the next level. With over 110 years in the sheet metal machinery industry, our sales, installation, and support staff can help you with your shop layout, fulfilling orders, optimizing processes, and more.

CIDAN Machinery Metal Folders and Bending Machines

Metal Folder & Bending Machines

CIDAN Machinery is proud to be a world-wide industry leading source for sheet metal folders and metal bending machines. Metal folders from CIDAN Machinery offer convenient, flexible, and efficient ways to bend sheet metal into various forms.

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CIDAN Machinery Metal Shears

Metal Shears

CIDAN offers user friendly, state-of-the-art sheet metal shears & metal cutting machines for high production and quality cuts.

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CIDAN Machinery Metal Coil Handling and Slit & Cut to length Lines

Coil Handling and Slit & Cut to Length

CIDAN Machinery has partnered with a fellow world-wide leader in slit and cut-to-length machines, Forstner Machinery. Since 1960, Forstner has been developing and manufacturing machines for professional coil processing. Our cut-to-length machines are all-in-one units built to withstand high-level production over the course of time while taking up as little space as possible.

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Forstner AUG 5000 Recoiling Machine


A recoiler from Forstner would be a fantastic addition to any production floor with its unique ability to cut both costs and lead time for custom width coils!

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CIDAN STACKMASTER – Flat Sheet Storage

Flat Sheet Storage

CIDAN STACKMASTER – flat sheet storage. Works perfectly well for them who only buys already cut flat sheets as well as for those who produces own flat sheets with a cut-to-length line.

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Welcome to the world of CIDAN automation projects. We can offer a wide range of solutions to upgrade our customer´s way to produce metal parts. Both from the hardware and software side we have either standard solutions or we can also work out individual projects.

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Thalmann Long Folding Machines

Long Folders

CIDAN Machinery is a proud partner and provider of Thalmann long folding machines. Thalmann has been a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of long-length metal folding machines since 1960. They offer a wide range of machines up to 18.2 m in length and a bending capacity for 3 mm-thick steel.

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Rollforming Machines

Roll Formers

In our quest to meet the demand to bring craftsman and cutting-edge technology in the sheet metal industry, CIDAN Machinery designed one of the most high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective rollformer series on the market – the rugged, robust, AMK Control equipped CIDAN rollformers WIDE and TRIM!

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