slit and cut-to-length lines

  • Sheet metal on coils saves money, reduces waste and frees up storage space.
  • We have the right solution for all levels of production.
  • Free up floor space with coil processing and increase your productivity and your profits.
  • The extensive range of Forstner products can be combined to make an efficient production facility based on your requirements, where parameters such as power, distance, time and access to material are decisive for fast and cost-effective production.
  • With our solutions you can easily process coils from 500 kilosup to 8 tonnes. Bigger coils mean fewer changeovers, less waste and a more efficient process.
  • How many different materials do you need readily accessible? Frequent changeovers? With a coil selector you keep eight different materials ready at the cut-to-length for far quicker changeovers.
  • With a well equipped cut-to-length in your production facility you will no longer need to cut strips in guillotine shears.
  • Do you sell sheets or do you want to recoil material in smaller coils? We have the right solution for you!
  • Rational coil handling cuts your lead times, frees up production space and reduces tied up capital in stocks.

CIDAN Machinery manufactures slit and cut-to-length lines that can be programed and operated by skilled and non-skilled users alike. Our cut-to-length machines are all-in-one units built to withstand high-level production over the course of time while taking up as little space as possible.

CIDAN Machinery provides many of their cutting-edge features as standard – straightening units, sheet guide for in-feeds, guillotine shears with hold down beam and double-edged blades, feeding units, foot pedals for remote feeding, and many more.

In order to provide the absolute best technological options from around the globe, CIDAN Machinery has partnered with a fellow world-wide leader in slit and cut-to-length machines, Forstner Machinery. Since 1960, Forstner has been developing and manufacturing machines for professional coil processing. Our partnership has provided us the opportunity to bring all of their best machines to you!

Forstner nuSLIT

Let the latest technology work for you!

The Forstner nuSLIT Series makes all your dreams come true, in a modern sheet metal workshop and takes your production to a new level consider flexibility and productivity.

Type: Slit & Cut to Length Coil width: 50" (1250 mm) Capacity: 29ga (.37mm) – 20ga (1.0mm)

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Forstner SLIT

Precise and flexible cuts from broadband

Based on many years of experience, the Forstner SLIT slitting and cut-to-length line is optimally suited for all sheet metal companies.

Type: Slit & Cut to Length Coil width: 1250 / 1500 mm Capacity: 1.0 mm

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