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The CIDAN FX series metal folding and bending machine is reliable and efficient, suitable for metal roofing, sign manufacturers, and more.

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Thalmann TD 150 Double folder

The TD 150 Double Folder with Enhanced bending accuracy with extra space. Lowered costs with better capacity utilization.

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Tracks different sizes, qualities and colors stored in the different trays. Easily move the sheet to next working operation

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With nuSLIT, control all functions from the touch panel, including coil width, lengths, straightening pressure, and knife settings

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Lean manufacturing processes and increased safety.
Access to new markets and competitive advantages.

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The Forstner Aug 5000 recoiler cuts waste, speeds up productivity, and reduces inventory.

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Cut material falls gently down onto the moveable material wagon (option) where the sheets are stacked at a speed of up to 24 panels per minute.

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Adjustable crowning for perfect folding results regardless of length and material thickness. Two folding beam rails as standard, 7/10 mm and 15 mm.

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