A sucess story in Austria

METAFLEX Kanttechnik GmbH, located in St. Pölten-Unterradlberg, Austria, is a shining example of innovation and efficiency in the sheet metal industry. Founded in 2006 by Gerhard Resch, whose family background in roofing provided him with a deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced by roofers. Gerhard had a visionary goal: to connect all machines in his company through an online platform and offer the capability to produce custom profiles with just a click of a mouse within 48 hours. This ambitious vision aimed to integrate communication, warehousing, logistics, and IT, providing customers with a promise – the desired profile in the right place at the right time.

METAFLEX serves various markets in Austria, including roofing, industry, and industrial buildings. Notably, the industry segment has been the fastest-growing sector, spanning HVAC production to custom metal fabrication.

Gerhard Resch’s journey with CIDAN Machinery Group began in 2019 with the investment in “The Base,” a revolutionary production line that operates from coil to finished trim without any human intervention. It was equipped with automation and powered by the smart nuEVOLUTION software. Astonishingly, a single employee operates “The Base,” which produces up to 500 tons of sheets per year, running for 10 hours a day. The operator doesn’t need to program anything; all preparations are handled seamlessly in the nuEVOLUTION software, thanks to the efforts of just 2.5 administrative employees handling 3,500 customer orders per year.

In 2020, METAFLEX added the THALMANN TZ long metal folder, renowned for its precision and durability. The same year, they acquired the CIDAN FORMA folding machine, a versatile and user-friendly solution. Additionally, the CIDAN shear EVO DUO, driven by two low-noise gear motors, was delivered.

In 2021, Gerhard’s commitment to meeting customer demands led to the acquisition of the FORSTNER nuSLIT, a highly versatile slitting machine with touchscreen control for various functions.

In 2023, METAFLEX continued its quest for smart and efficient production solutions. They added the CIDAN F32 folding machine with XSPACE, renowned for its speed, user-friendliness, and reliability. Furthermore, the CIDAN RAPIDO SSM shear, designed for cutting soft or scratch-sensitive materials, and the FORSTNER STRAIGHT for highly efficient coil cutting, were integrated into their operations.

Thanks to these strategic investments over the past four years, METAFLEX has witnessed a significant boost in productivity. In 2006, with just two employees, they produced 100 tons of sheets. By 2010, with five employees, that number rose to 300 tons. As of 2023, with six employees, they have scaled up their production to a remarkable 800 tons of sheets.

Gerhard Resch emphasizes the importance of machines and software that run seamlessly, and he praises CIDAN Machinery Group for providing a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that align with his needs. He particularly values the ability to connect all his machines, enabling fast and high-quality profiles for his customers. As part of this, he received a 4th prize in the ALC (Austria’s Leading Companies) awards 2023 for companies up to 10 million Euros turnover.

Gerhard concludes by highlighting the partnership aspect of working with CIDAN Machinery Group, stating that they have supported him from the very beginning and have continued to be a strong partner as his business has grown, meeting the increasingly high demands of his customers. This collaborative approach has been pivotal in Met METAFLEX’s success story.

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