CIDAN automation interfaces

By adding a robot interface to any of our folding machines with a Prolink control panel the machine will be ready for integration with a robot for full automation. The robot would fetch a blank, square it, position it on the back gauge, fetch it after the folding process is finished and afterwards stack it nicely.

A narrow part with folds only along the long sides would typically be handled by the robot from the folding beam side, whereas large parts would be handled from the back gauge side.


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    Folding machine CIDAN FORMA Z 32 with ProLink control and robot interface.

  • 2

    Back gauge with vacuum grippers. Gauging to back gauge fingers, or to folding beam.

  • 3

    Robot with vacuum grippers.

Additional features (FORMA Z / PROS Z + robot)

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    Up/Down-folding, ie the sheet dos not have to be flipped for Z-bends. Easy programming and handling for the robot.Dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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    Combi beam with two sets of tools, for full flexibility and maximized workspace around tools.

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    Auto-tool detection - nu human errors when changing folding tool widths.

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