The BASE Standard

The BASE Bending and slitting engine assembles a smart combination of the best standard machines on the market. It is the first and only fully automated and flexible production line for metal trims in the world. In combination with the nuIT software for easy and process-oriented ordering, organization and production of metal trims, it can increase a metal shops efficiency in a never seen way.

Additionally, ordered profiles within the nuIT software create production data which will be sent directly to the machines. The BASE itself consists of a Forstner PSM (programmable slitting machine) with a variation from one to six available decoilers (from two to seven tons each). It’s cutting mechanism is programmable and makes it possible to send cutting optimized jobs from the software directly to the PSM. Moreover, a portal system transports the cut parts one by one to the ThalmannTD double folder which automatically folds the profiles based on bending programs sent by nuIT.

The BASE can be delivered in 6 or 8 meters length for up to 1.0 mm steel. Operating the production line only takes one person.

The BASE Standard

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    nuit Master integration system

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    Forstner coil processing

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    CIDAN handling system

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    Thalmann TD Double Folder

The BASE specification: Bending length: 6 or 8 meter
Sheet width:                         100mm to 1000mm, also with flipping
Material thickness:           up to 1.0 mm steel

Draw profiles within the nuIT software production data goes directly to the machines. Fully automated cutting optimization, bending and punching data.

Additional features:

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    Coil change during production

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    Two parts feeding

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    Step cut and scrap shredder function

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    Status feedback to nuIT

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    Semi- automated mode

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    Label printer

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