CIDAN Machinery Group, the global leader in sheet metal folding solutions, is proud to announce the simultaneous launch of two revolutionary features, XTAP and CIDAN XSPACE. These innovations set a new industry benchmark for conical bending and design flexibility, respectively, and will be available on the company’s FLEXIBLE backgauge system and F-, FS-, or FX-Series machines.

XTAP is a pioneering feature designed to streamline conical bending operations, allowing users to overlap and remove splice plates effortlessly. This capability enhances the efficiency and accuracy of producing essential elements such as gutters and copings, eliminating the need for manual adjustments and efforts. The FLEXIBLE backgauge, equipped with XTAP, integrates an innovative ProLink control system, automatically adjusting the backgauge fingers to an angled position, thus providing users with complete control over their conical bending operations.

Complementing the benefits of XTAP is CIDAN XSPACE, a cutting-edge folding beam feature that increases design and folding freedom. XSPACE provides an additional 15 mm of space beneath the bending point, ensuring easy and secure folding of hat channels, gutters, and high-pitch drip edge profiles. This advancement empowers designers and fabricators to tackle complex profiles, even those traditionally considered challenging, confidently.

“Introducing XTAP and CIDAN XSPACE simultaneously signifies our unwavering commitment to innovation and efficiency,” stated Chandler Barden, President of CIDAN Machinery. “These advancements epitomize our dedication to providing customers with the most advanced, efficient, and precise solutions in sheet metal folding. XTAP and CIDAN XSPACE embody our ethos of empowering customers with the highest level of control and freedom in their operations.”

As a leader in the field, CIDAN Machinery continues to raise the bar with its state-of-the-art technologies, driving efficiency, precision, and productivity in sheet metal folding operations.

About CIDAN Machinery: CIDAN Machinery is a leading global provider of innovative sheet metal folding solutions. With a focus on automation, efficiency, and precision, CIDAN Machinery offers a comprehensive range of high-quality metal folders, shears, and other machinery designed to streamline sheet metal processing. Their commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service has earned them a reputation as a trusted industry leader.

What people say about how XTap and XSpace helped their business:

1. “CIDAN XSpace has been a game-changer for our business. The extra space it provides for challenging profiles has given us so much more freedom in our design and folding processes.”

2. “We were constantly struggling with folding hat channels and high pitch drip edge profiles until we discovered CIDAN XSpace. The 15 mm extra space makes it incredibly easy and safe to fold these profiles.”

3. “The folding beam feature of CIDAN XSpace is brilliant. It’s positioned perfectly under the bending point, allowing us to achieve precise and accurate folds every time.”

4. “CIDAN XSpace has made our production process much more efficient. Being able to fit it onto our existing F-, FS-, or FX-Series machines has been incredibly convenient, and the standard crowning feature ensures zero angle deviations for our long profiles.”

5. “We were amazed by the level of flexibility and customization CIDAN XSpace offers. With its folding beam, we have the freedom to design and fold profiles according to our specific requirements, making it a valuable addition to our workshop.”

6. “CIDAN XSpace has exceeded our expectations. The additional space it provides has made a significant difference in our ability to handle challenging profiles, and we no longer have to worry about any limitations in our folding capabilities.”

7. “Safety is a top priority for us, and CIDAN XSpace has delivered in that aspect. It allows us to fold gutters and various complex profiles safely, ensuring the integrity of our products and the well-being of our workers.”

8. “We highly recommend CIDAN XSpace to anyone working with intricate profiles. Its ability to accommodate different types of machines and its

standard crowning feature make it a versatile and reliable solution for all our folding needs.”

9. “CIDAN XTap has revolutionized our production of gutters and copings. The ability to overlap and remove splice plates with the new flexible backgauge has significantly improved our efficiency and speed.”

10. “We were amazed by the intelligence of the ProLink control system in CIDAN XTap. The backgauge fingers automatically adjust to an angled position, allowing us to achieve precise and accurate bends for conical bending.”

11. “CIDAN XTap has made conical bending a breeze. The flexibility to choose the taper direction and determine the amount of overlap gives us complete control over the production process.”

12. “Efficiency is key in our business, and CIDAN XTap delivers. The automated movement of the backgauge fingers saves us valuable time, enabling us to produce gutters and copings faster and more efficiently than ever before.”

13. “We appreciate the versatility that CIDAN XTap offers. The option to overlap and remove splice plates allows us to adapt to different project requirements and achieve seamless results every time.”

14. “CIDAN XTap has eliminated the need for manual adjustments and guesswork. The intelligent control system takes care of positioning the backgauge fingers at the desired angle, ensuring consistent and accurate bends throughout the production process.”

15. “The precision of CIDAN XTap is exceptional. The combination of the flexible backgauge and the XTAP feature allows us to achieve complex conical bends with ease, resulting in high-quality gutters and copings.”

16. “We highly recommend CIDAN XTap to anyone in the metal fabrication industry. It simplifies the production of gutters and copings, improves workflow efficiency, and offers precise control over taper direction and overlap.”

To learn more about CIDAN Machinery’s XTAP feature, CIDAN XSPACE, and their comprehensive range of sheet metal folding solutions, contact our team at 770-692-7230.