La Crosse Sign Group chose a CIDAN FORMA 40

La Crosse Sign Group is a modern signage company with three locations in Wisconsin and a staff of 65, working with company profiling, signage design, production, installation and service. Production is in Onalaska, Wisconsin where a staff of nine including six fabricators work in the actual signage factory. The “home” market covers Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa and they work with external companies for installation outside this area.

Outdated machinery
Paul Fuchsel, owner and president, says that the company invested highly in modern computer technology at an earlier production stage but so far not in the workshop. They had a folder from the nineties with a heavy duty and outdated control system. Programming took time and it was difficult to produce components with the right measurements and angles. There were problems with quality, right angles were difficult and bending curved surfaces was exceptionally challenging.

It was clear something had to be done in order to stay competitive and to streamline the entire process. Paul spoke to colleagues in the business, one of whom had recently invested in a CIDAN folder.

How did they solve it?
La Crosse Sign Group contacted Doug Bowman at CIDAN and together they chose the right machine to meet La Crosse Sign Group’s needs. Their investment in a CIDAN FORMA 40 has meant a revolution for signage. No matter which material is used, the correct angles are reached directly using the built-in material table.

Do you save time?
–I went to the material storage, fetched a sheet, cut it, programmed and completed folding. It took two minutes! answers James, one of the company’s fabricators. Everyone in the workshop runs the machine and makes their own programs. Curved shapes, which previously required both calculations and endless tests, can now be easily programmed and produced in a super short time, with a better finish and you get the right shape immediately. We save lots of time by saving programs that we can load later and modify when we are making similar products.

–What is more, we purchase fewer ready profiles for structures, says James. We used to buy ready-made kits. This was not only expensive but also meant waiting for deliveries. Now we fold them ourselves from surplus material and store them. No lead times and far lower costs.

Has CIDAN given you good support?
–Yes, they really have. At start-up CIDAN technicians were with us for two whole days so that we got to know the machines from the start. They have made some more visits since then and they help us if we have any questions.

–We are extremely satisfied with both the machine and the support we’ve received, says Paul.


So, with equipment from CIDAN Machinery, La Crosse Sign Group is now SHAPING TOMORROW´S WORLD!