CIDAN MFB is a manual and easy to use folding machine. The small size and light weight design means that it can be taken everywhere. Form parts directly in your construction vehicle or at the building site where the parts will be installed. We use the same quality level on the tooling for this folder as we do on our flagship machines and have done since over a hundred years in this business. This is a robust machine made for life and with our customer service, it is a great folder now and for the future.

To meet the expectations of a good end-result at the fast pace in today’s world it is sometimes important to work remotely by anyone without extended training. With this manual folder you can reduce lead time and risks that may occur in the process from production to customer.

Machine Type Working width Capacity –
Steel 400 N/mm²
Capacity – Stainless steel 600 N/mm²
Capacity – Aluminum 200 N/mm² Weight
  mm mm mm mm kg
MFB Manual folder 1270 1,5 1,0 2,25 390

Divided high quality quick-change tooling all the way.


Corner tools as standard for maximum flexibility.


Clamping pressure adjustment for best results and an easy way to operate.

Adjust the sheet thickness on the fly to get perfect results.

Easy setting of folding angles with bending angle stop.


The T-groove back gauge allows flexible set-ups and great repeatability.

A smart storage box for tools and divided box tooling is standard.

The ergonomically placed foot pedal gives you freedom and at the same time full control.

Wheels as standard, lets you move your folder with ease.