Cidan ProLink software
Control system upgrade

For some time it has been difficult to offer components for some of our older control systems. We continue to seek solutions to repair/maintain our older control systems, but we recognize that the possibilities are constantly decreasing. If technical problems occur with a machine with any of the control system in question, the situation can lead to long downtime with costly interruptions of your production. As you probably already know, CIDAN machines have a very long mechanical life and therefore we have now developed solutions to be able to upgrade our older machines with a new control system.

The most important advantages:

  • Planned exchange from old to new control system, provides short downtime in the machine.
  • Higher reliability and more reliable production for a long time to come.
  • Improved ease of use.
  • Access to spare parts and support.
  • Higher security standard.

Expiring control systems

  • A600
  • A1200
  • A2000
  • CS101
  • CS201
  • CS301
  • P4000
  • P72 & P8
  • 6 Program
  • Siemens (saxar)

Control system upgrades alternative


    • New electrical cabinet
    • Latest ProLink with 15,6” touch screen
    • New features
    • Increased security with reliable components
    • Guaranteed spare parts supply


Cidan ProLink software


    • New electrical cabinet
    • Latest EasyLink C70 control
    • For customers simple profiles
    • Increased security with reliable components
    • Guaranteed spare parts supply


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