FORMA Z at MOBIL JSC, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Higher production of façade panels with CIDAN FORMA Z folding machine.


Since 1987, Mobil JSC has been successfully operating in the Russian construction market and provides a full range of services for the design, production, installation and warranty maintenance of the German company Schüco’s windows and façade systems. After their most recent investment, the Mobil JSC specialists are ready to implement any of today’s sophisticated architectural façade designs.

A universal solution for fast, easy and damage-free folding.

Before the installation of the FORMA Z, Mobil JSC used a press brake for panel pressing. This method was cumbersome especially when it came to larger panels. These often had to be rotated or flipped – heavy and time-consuming work that often led to minor damage to the metal.

“On some panels marks from the press brake were left on the outer corners, especially on aluminum panels,” says Production Manager Sergei Nekrasov.

Speed, power and flexibility.

On a visit to the CIDAN Machinery plant in Sweden a solution was found.
“We sent test models to the factory and the CIDAN specialists performed test folding for us. We were very pleased with the result. We also liked the plant itself, the organization of the production process and the cleanliness,” Mr. Nekrasov continues.

“I also liked the pivotal COMBI clamping beam on the FORMA Z. This feature allows us to change the clamping tool set and the clamping beam geometry in a matter of seconds. The L-shaped back gauge makes it easy to handle even the largest panels. Thanks to the up/down folding, there is no need to flip the workpiece. All the folding on one side of the panel is fully automatic, because the material is fixed on the back gauge with suction cups. The folding beam is self-adjusting for perfect and verified results, no matter the thickness of the metal.”


Hopes were justified.

MOBILE JSC The machine was installed and running in early 2019, and the results exceeded expectations. The production time for standard panels has been significantly reduced (by about 60%), scratches and marks have disappeared, and the operator’s work is easier –now a single operator can fold a panel.

“The FORMA Z secures the metal and carries it forward during throughout the folding with no manual intervention. The machine can be operated both from the back and from the front, which can be necessary for some panels. It is easy to change or move the tools: we just press a button and remove the segments, press the button again to fix the tools – no need to screw any bolts,” says Marat Sechenykh, Senior Operator, MOBIL JSC.

Mr. Sergey Nekrasov summarizes: “Thanks to the CIDAN FORMA Z machine, we have improved product quality and accelerated our production rate by 20%, and we are now considering investing in a second FORMA Z in the future.”