Malvern Boilers Ltd. choose FX PLUS from CIDAN

Malvern Boilers Ltd is a successful Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and developer of commercial water heaters, boilers, domestic pool heaters and MicroCHP appliances. For more than 30 years, Malvern has successfully worked with both start-ups and existing OEM companies that want to outsource their manufacturing requirements.

Why did you choose a FX PLUS from CIDAN Machinery?
– It is important to constantly upgrade our machinery and keep up with developments. When we were going to replace an older folding machine with a new one, after a detailed search and selection process, the FX26 PLUS from CIDAN was selected for its balance of simplicity, accuracy and the ease of tool changing offered by its COMBI beam, says Adam Heath, Operations Director.

In what way will the FX PLUS benefit for your production?
– The machine has a little extra in several areas, it is very flexible with multiple points of adjustment, the software is easy to use for both programming and operation and Malvern Boilers now has greater flexibility for future production and design innovation. To make it easier for the operator, the machine has a COMBI upper beam that provides easy and quick tool changes. Malvern Boilers has production that requires many tool changes, short series, and lots of adjustments of the tooling, so savings in these areas have a strong impact on production efficiency.


What other advantages do you like?
– The machine is also equipped with an L-shaped back gauge that can be positioned up to 3300 mm. The operator does not have to follow the sheet during bending, large sheets can be handled with just one operator. The machine has as an option called PLUS, with automatic sheet thickness adjustment and automatic adjustment of the bending center, this gives the best possible bending results regardless of material and thickness.






Max. bending length: 2600 mm
Max. sheet thickness, 2.5 mm (MS), 1.6 mm (SS), 3.7 mm (Alu)
Control system: ProLink W (CNC)

For more information, please contact:

CIDAN Machinery UK Ltd
Lars Olander (Sales Manager)., +44 (0) 7869 025 134

Malvern Boilers Ltd
Adam Heath (Operations Director)., +44 (0) 1684 893 777