Master machines for a master craftsman.

Stefans Bleck & Plåt

Since 1972 only around sixty sheet metal workers in Sweden have been awarded a master craftsman diploma, certifying their craftsmanship. One of them is Stefan Olsson who in 2017 started the company Stefans Bleck & Plåt AB.

– Once I had started my own business work flowed in fast, says Stefan. I do a lot of work with standing seam roofing but I also work with sliding and opening chimney caps in stainless or lacquered steel, that either I install or the customers install themselves. To start with I got used CIDAN machines but as more and more work came in, I invested in new ones. CIDAN machines are Swedish and they are robust with multiple functions that allow me to work fast, efficiently and with high quality.

Stefans Bleck & Plåt Two investments that sped up production.
Stefan’s choices were CIDAN’s sheet metal shear RAPIDO 25 and FX25 folding machine. The robustly built RAPIDO cuts different thicknesses at work intervals without any control adjustments at all. The machine is quiet, fast, low-energy and very well equipped even as standard model. There are lots of optional features that Stefan has made good use of for both his RAPIDO and his FX.

Fast learner.
– I knew which additional features I wanted and I got excellent advice and assistance from CIDAN Machinery salesperson Mårten Silvhorn. Something I set great value on are the machines’ running and control systems. CutLink makes handling sheet metal easier when using the shear and the control system ProLink for the folding machine is very user friendly. In spite of lots of advanced features it took me only half a day to get going.

Reversible clamping beam means two machines in one.
Another feature of FX25 that Stefan wants to emphasize is the reversible clamping beam. The clamping beam has eccentric drive and the powerful lower beam makes this the optimal machine for high productivity, low maintenance costs and problem-free running. The clamping beam opens as the bending beam returns, so they are positioned ready for the next step.
– The reversible clamping beam is a major advantage and in principle means that I get two machines for the price of one, says Stefan.

Smart sheet metal system for customized machine solutions.
– It’s an inspiring challenge to help this sheet metal company assemble a really optimal machine solution, says Mårten. Our machine program offers many different ways to adapt the machinery for specific production, material and batches. The machines can be seen as intelligent sheet metal handling systems that when used smartly will make working with sheet metal much easier. That is exactly what Stefan has done and it is impressive to see what an efficient business he has built up in a short time.

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