5-10 minutes of traing was all that was needed to run an all-in-one shear from CIDAN

Dansk Alvøen

Dansk Alvøen A/S in Randers is the most advanced sign manufacturer in Denmark, offering their customers a wide variety of sign designs. The company is a sub supplier in the sign business and does not sell directly to end users. Most of the signs are produced either in pre-painted or anodized 1-2 mm aluminium, which requires a gentle shear with high precision.

The brothers Kim Bøgild & Tommy Bøgild, who own and run the company, wanted to optimize the cutting process, as this was a bottleneck in their production.
– We have high demands on cutting results, but at the same time the shear has to be easy to use, Tommy Bøgild says. We wanted precision and simplicity!

The RAPIDO was the ultimate choice to solve the problems.
After a discussion with Hans-Ole Holm (Regional Sales Manager Denmark) it was clear that a CIDAN RAPIDO with polished shear blade and pneumatic hold down beam, would solve all the customer’s problems. To prove it, blanks were sent to CIDAN production plant in Sweden for test cutting, with excellent results. As CIDAN RAPIDO was shown to be very user-friendly, not too complicated and not time consuming to use, the choice was made.

Every customer is part of the CIDAN R&D.
The customer’s two major requirements had been met: a user-friendly machine providing excellent shearing results that do not require finishing work.
The customer requested a small adjustment to the gauge to achieve still higher quality results, and this has led to a new development project at CIDAN.
– We regard our customers as a part of our R&D department – their points of view are important for our development, says Hans-Ole Holm.
The CIDAN RAPIDO is an extremely user-friendly shear that can be operated by anybody without any specific training, 5-10 minutes is all that is needed. That is exactly what we were looking for, says Tommy Bøgild.

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