The CIDAN QXS16 Decoiler is a fully hydraulic powered decoiler. This large capacity decoiler has a massive 16,000 lbs (8,000 kg) capacity. With no need to worry about the mandrel tilting over time, hundreds of customers in North America alone are running their CIDAN QXS16 Decoiler’s trouble free!

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Model QXS16 QXS16C QXS22C 48 QXS11C60
Capacity 16,000lbs. (8,000kg) 16,000lbs. (8,000kg) 22,000lbs. (10,000kg) 11,000lbs. (5,000kg)
Coil Width 51 Inch (1300mm) 51 Inch (1300mm) 49.2? Inch (1250mm) 60 Inch (1525mm)
Expansion of Mandrel Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Mandrel Range 18 to 20.25 In. (460-515mm) 18 to 20.25 In. (460-515mm) 18 to 20.25 In. (460-515mm) 18 to 20.25 In. (460-515mm)
Rotational Power Electric Electric Electric Electric
Horse Power 5.5HP (4.1kW) 5.5HP (4.1kW) 4HP (3kW) 5.5HP (4.1kW)
Support Plate on Mandrel 4 4 4 4
Feeding Speed 110FPM (30MPM) 145FPM (30MPM) 145FPM (45MPM) 110FPM (30MPM)
Maximum Coil Diameter 51 Inch (1300mm) 51 Inch (1300mm) 51 Inch (1300mm) 51 Inch (1300mm)
Stroke of Coil Cart No cart 13.75 Inch (350mm) 13.75 Inch (350mm) 13.75 Inch (350mm)
In/Out Coil Cart No cart 59 Inch (1500mm) 98 Inch (2500mm) 59 Inch (1500mm)
Speed Control Floor Dancer Arm Floor Dancer Arm Ultra-Sonic Floor Dancer Arm
Width 100 Inch (2540mm) 151 Inch (3835mm) 168 Inch (4.2m) 180 Inch (4065mm)
Depth 43 Inch (1090mm) 43 Inch (1090mm) 63 Inch (1.5m) 43 Inch (1090mm)
Height 68 Inch (1725mm) 68 Inch (1725mm) 68 Inch (1725mm) 68 Inch (1725mm)
Weight 7,000lb. (3180kg) 8,000lb. (3625kg) 8,000lb. (3625kg) 9,500lb. (4,300kg)
Voltage 460V 3phase 20 amp 460V 3phase 20 amp 460V 3phase 30 amp 460V 3phase 20 amp
  • The Control Station can be configured at any time on either left or right side of the decoiler, which allows the operator easy access regardless of the run direction.

Recommended and used for heavy gauge material.

Required when operating decoiler in sensitive material modeH.

Operates with torque tensioner for speed up to 35MPM (115FPM).