RAPIDO SSM Speed – Sensitive Material


Via the CutLink control panel you easily set gauge dimensions, quantity and all the operations of the machine. No unnecessary commands, a minimum of keystrokes and the guillotine will do precisely what you want.


LED cutting line light as standard on RAPIDO shear.  The LED lights allow operators to easily see the cut line of the shear enabling easier ability to cut tapered blanks. The distance to the cutting knives is only 30 mm.



Table extension 800 mm, for easier handling of larger sheets (option).

Moveable SSM wagon

Ergonomic material wagon with an unloading height of 560 mm that can be loaded with up to 700 kg material (option).

CIDAN RAPIDO SSM (Speed – Sensitive Material) is our cut n’ stack system that speeds up your guillotine shear and never leaves you with scratches or dog-ears.
Set backgauge measurements and number of cuts. The sheet support is pulled back fast as lightening and the cut material falls gently down onto the moveable material wagon (option) where the sheets are stacked at a speed of up to 24 panels per minute. The material wagon can be loaded with up to 700 kg. If you cut widths of 4.92-16.1″ (125-410 mm) you can stack to a height of 3.5″ (90 mm), with widths more than 16.1″ (410 mm), to a height of 1.57″ (40 mm.)
In combination with the CutLink control system you have a real cutting and stacking giant that can be programmed for different backgauge settings in the desired quantities, all with neat stacking on the material wagon. There is no smarter, gentler or more efficient backgauge system for high volumes.

  • Shear can cut all material qualities – mild steel from 28 gauge (0.4 mm) up to 13 gauge (2.5 mm) without any settings at all and the blade gap stays the same.
  • Fully mechanical, electrical, no use of oil – not hydraulic.
  • Drive system with eccentrics and pulldown rod connected to the upper blade beam.
  • Material is clamped between the table and the hold down beam, with a rubber strip to protect sensitive material from getting marks.
  • Standard squaring arm and table extension (option).
  • CutLink touch control for single or automatic mode.
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  • Learn more about RAPIDO and SSM!

Model Working length Material thickness Speed Weight
  mm (“) Steel mm (ga) Stainless Steel mm (ga) Aluminum mm(“) Cuts/min kg lbs)
RAPIDO 32 SSM 3200 (126) 2.50 (13) 1.6 (16) 3.7 (0.145) 24* 2100 (4630)
RAPIDO 41 SSM 4100 (161) 1.50 (16) 0.6 (24) 2.2 (0.08) 24* 2500 (5511)

*when cutting 125 mm, 15 cuts/min when cutting 750 mm, 35 cuts/min when cutting 0-100 mm but without SSM-function


Model Max load Working width Stacking height
sheet width
Stacking height
sheet width
  kg (lbs) Length mm (“) Width mm (“) Height mm (“) 125-410 mm (4.92-16.1″) 410-1000 mm (16.1-39.3″)
Material wagon 32 700 (1543) 3000 (118) 800 (31.5) 560 (22) 90 (3.5) 40 (1.57)
Material wagon 41 700 (1543) 4010 (158) 800 (31.5) 560 (22) 90 (3.5) 40 (1.57)
  • 39.3″ (1000 mm) motorized backgauge with CutLink touch control
  • Single or continuous stroke control
  • Double edged blades
  • LED cutting line light
  • Finger protection
  • Squaring arms on both sides, 380 mm with scale
  • Table with scored measuring lines
  • Pneumatic hold down beam
  • Button to start the cut at the electrical cabinet
  • Foot pedal to start cut
  • Sheet support CNC controlled

Movable material wagon on wheels that can withstand a load of 700 kg. Easily move cut and neatly stacked material to another workstation. It is also possible to order extra material wagons.

The moveable material wagon is offered as an alternative to fixed return plate for return to sender option. Easily move cut material to another workstation with this option. Plus, it can be picked up with a forklift. Features include: lockable wheels and removable handle.

Moveable material wagon option sheet metal shears - CIDAN Machinery Americas

Squaringarm with or without T-groove and tilt stop. Available in lengths of 1000 mm and 2500 mm for RAPIDO.

  Extendable table extension for RAPIDO, 800 mm (option).

Forced cooling of the cuttingmotor for continuous high volume cutting