Heavy equipment and industrial fabrication machinery are more complex than ever. Increased customization and sophisticated software controls challenge today’s industrial machinery to deliver efficient and cost-effective manufacturing solutions. In an increasingly competitive industry, industrial fabricators must ensure innovation and manage complexity for high-volume operations.

Focusing on flexible and simple to use solutions of the highest quality, machinery from CIDAN can help you build the right product, and build the product right. From HVAC production to custom metal fabrication, our machines successfully integrate and automate your process with low-overhead and fast response manufacturing.

CIDAN Machinery offers a comprehensive line of industrial fabrication machinery for part manufacturing including CNC metal folders, electrical guillotine shears, cut-to-length systems, software, automation and more.

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Forstner RC5 recoiler

Easy to program and fast to run

Forstner RC5 recoiler is the heaviest recoiler we offer. With a capacity of up to 1,5 mm (16ga) mild steel, this recoiler cuts waste, speeds up productivity, and reduces inventory.

Type: Recoiler Coil width: Up to 1500 mm Capacity: Coils up to 5 ton, 1.5 mm steel

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CIDAN EVO DUO metal shear

Heavy duty and well-equipped

CIDAN shear EVO DUO is the strongest of our line of mechanical guillotine shears driven by two low-noise gear motors. Standard included CutLink touch control, blade gap adjustment, pneumatic sheet support, pneumatic hold down beam, double edged blades and finger protection with LED cutting light.

Type: Shear Lengths: 3200 or 4100 mm Capacity: 2.5 or 4.0 mm

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CIDAN PRO Z folding machine

High speed and precise.

CIDAN’S robust PRO Z is a highly rated up-down metal folding machine for industrial applications. This metal folding machine is foremost for folding complex profiles and heavy material. PRO Z eliminates the need for an operator to flip the material providing opportunities for increased time efficiency.

Type: Up-down Folder Lengths: 3200 or 4100 mm Capacity: 4 or 3 mm

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CIDAN PRO folding machine

Improve work ergonomics and increase quality

The PRO model of CIDAN’s power metal folder is the full package. With 100% duty cycle of forming 9ga at 122?, it is possible to replace two operators with one and still produce parts up to four times faster and with better accuracy compared to a press brake.

Type: Folder Lengths: 3100 or 4100 mm Capacity: 4 or 3 mm

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CIDAN FORMA Folding machine

Clamp harder and form more accurately

CIDAN’s model FORMA is a diverse machine that embodies strength, flexibility, speed and ease of use. The ProLink touch screen control offers user friendly programing for all applications. With different backguage configurations and the movable foot switch, the FORMA machine allows one operator to run 2.5 mm mild steel parts up to 4100 mm in length.

Type: Folder Lengths: 3200 or 4100 mm Capacity: 3 or 2.5 mm

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CIDAN FS folding machines

Easy to program and fast to run

CIDAN FS are phenomenal combinations of raw strength and flexibility. With powerful motors that fold with fantastic precision and to exact measurements this machine can do a lot more than just bend. CIDAN FS is a true workhorse with a whole lot of benefits.

Type: Folder Lengths: 2600, 3200 or 4100 mm Capacity: 2.5 or 2 mm

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