Forstner STRAIGHT Straightening & Cut-to-length
Sensitive Material Mode

Sensitive Material Mode

Not only is the coil-selector automatically controlled, but also the adjustment of the upper straightening shafts.

Whenever a new coil is selected, the upper straightening shafts will be adjusted into a new position to ensure the straightening quality.

A special sensitive material operating mode prevents start-stop-lines by the upper straightening shafts and increases the quality of the coil-line enormously. Even a single sheet can be produced without coil-set or marking of the material by the automatically adjusted upper shafts.


Forstner Coil Processing Control Unit - CIDAN Machinery

6 Straightening Rollers

Forstner coil processing straightener with 6 rollers - CIDAN Machinery

The Forstner STRAIGHT coil processing line series are massive all-in-one straightening, slitting, and cut-to-length systems. They are designed to take the coil set out of material of varying thickness. The POWERSTRAIGHT PRO is heavy duty system that can process five slits of 2 mm mild steel simultaneously. Powered by six straightening rollers to remove coil set, the 110 mm 42CrMo4 polished steel rolls can be modified by locking handles with a reference scale. This gentle giant is capable of handling your toughest and most delicate jobs.

  • AMK 6” color control
  • Raising and lowering slitting shaft
  • 2.5 mm capacity guillotine sheer
  • Five sets of slitting knives with blade cover
  • Encoder with rubberized wheel
  • Infeed guide adjustment
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Type Straight & Cut-to-Length Straight & Cut-to-Length Aut. Straight & Cut-to-Length Aut. Straight & Cut-to-Length
Straightening rolls Ø 70 mm 70 mm 110 mm 110 mm
Working Width 1250 mm 1250 mm 1250 mm 1500 mm
Coil thickness mild steel 400 N/mm2 1.0 mm 1.25 mm 2.0 mm 1.8 mm
Coil thickness stainless steel 600 N/mm2 0.6 mm 0.8 mm 1.25 mm 1.2 mm
Slitting Shaft Ø
Slitting Knives, standard
Speed max. 25 m/min max. 25 m/min max. 25 m/min max. 25 m/min


  • DEFLECTION ROLLERS: to support the infeed of a new coil
  • TABLE: manually adjustable coil guidance with roller bearings
  • STRAIGHTENER: manually adjustable straightener with 6 shafts Ø110mm (4,33″)
  • SLITTER: slitting shafts Ø140mm (5,51″), 4 or 5 pairs of manually adjustable inox knives, manual knive overlapping and manual knive gap adjustment
  • FOLDING TABLE: for an easier setting of the slitting knives
  • GUILLOTINE: heavy electric guillotine shear with inox knives
  • CONTROL SPS-F3: easy operation with ergonomic touch panel, variable speed adjustment with a potentiometer, single or multiple programs
  • Automatic Slitting Shaft Raise and Lowering (motorized)
  • Plastic sheet dispenser FAG
  • Hard chromium plated straightening shafts HVC
  • Stripper rings AP
  • Standard knives for mild steel only for guillotine shear available MPFE
  • Conveyor belt behind the guillotine shear TS-AZ
  • Conveyer belt BA, roller conveyor BA, stacker ST, manipulator MAN, etc.